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    I was at the local sporting goods store and the clerk showed me a box of ammo from Dynamic Research Technologies. They were slightly less expensive than the Hornady rounds, so I thought I'd at least take them to the range. I carry a .40 and target loads are usually 160 or 185 grains. These are 105 grain frangible hollow points. The recoil with these was similar to shooting a 9mm round. It was easy to stay on target with rapid follow up shots due to the light recoil. Watching the ballistics gel videos online was interesting. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this ammo.

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    watch out....might get called a hippie lib for using lead free ammo...

    "DRT lead-free projectile is a revolutionary round. The bullet breaks apart on contact with a solid surface. The handgun ammunition is made to be an all-purpose round, disintegrating into a cloud of dust on steel but yet is effective on an organic target. It is a target and a carry round.

    Our round can be fired by law enforcement officers without any fear of ricochet or pass through, or fear of injury or death to innocent bystanders from ricochet or pass through."

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    I am confused. I also shoot a .40 cal but i have never seen FMJ (or other kinds) of ammo that is 160 grain or 185 grain in .40 caliber.
    Do you reload your own? I use 180 grain GD's as my primary carry in .40 but I DO have some GD's in ,45 caliber that are 185..

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  5. Thank you for catching my mistake, they are 165 or 180, and I do not reload (yet). But my question was regarding the DRT ammo. I am looking for someone who has put more rounds downrange with it than I have or who knows more about it. It was fun to shoot (minus the misfire on the first round to cycle through), but would it make good defensive ammo where someone is worried about over penetration?

  6. Jhodge is exactly right. This ammo was developed to stay in its intended target for CCW folks. Limit ricochets and any pass thru fatalities. Supposed to deliver full foot pounds of energy into the bad guy and fragment into pieces and deliver a nice wound channel. I youtubed my caliber(.380) and found out it didn't fair so well in ballistic gel. However the larger calibers did do what they claimed. I also found that the guys shooting steel targets love the stuff for obvious reasons. I picked up a box of DRT .380 85gr HP and will run them through my Sig. Gonna experiment on my own.
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