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Thread: 9mm VS .40 S&W

  1. I prefer the .40 over the 9mm because of the power factor.....

    The IDPA power floor says that the ammo shot should have a power factorof nothing less than 125,000.

    Using the metric system, Power Factor = Bullet Velocity in meters per second multiplied by Bullet Weight in grams, multiplied by a conversion factor of 50.6310 (1 meter per second = 3.28084 feet per second, 1 gram=15.4324 grains). For example, a 14.9 gram bullet at 219 meters per second yields a power factor of 165,214.

    .40 S&W, 180gr @ 968 fps = Power factor of 174,240
    9mm, 124gr @ 1181 fsp = Power factor of 146,444

    (Now for you people that are into physics, this is representive of Momentem and not kenetic energy.)

    I'll stick with my .40 S&W.... I like it because It has more power than a 9mm and holds more rounds than a .45 ACP..... Yeah, yeah, yeah...."One well placed shot... blah blah blah I say Accuracy by Volume! :D

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    I own a few autos and have the glock 27. .40 cal what is nice about the glock is that I can buy the 9mm barrel and mags and convert the 27 into a 26 in no time at all. 2 guns for a little more than the price of one.

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    I have two 40's. Glock 23 and Glock 27. I had a Glock 26 and there was very little recoil between the Glock 26 9mm and the 40 Glock 27. I shoot my 40's better than any other's
    Glock 27, Glock 23, Glock 22
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  5. Wow, after reading this I want to go and wake up the poor bastard I put down with a 9MM and ball ammo. He should'nt have died.

    I carry a 9 all day every day. My M&P went to the factory for warrenty work and I had to carry my Walther .22. I never worried one bit. I dont care if you carry a 9, 40 or 45. UNTIL YOU INTERUPT THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, THEY WILL NOT JUST DROP TO THE GROUND! I tell the guys that rag on me for carrying a 9 that I learned to shoot so I can use a smaller bullet.

    I will be buying a 40 for one reason. I can get ammo from other cops if the SHTF. I also have an AK and an M-4. I will be able to re-supply from who ever I can find. Cops, Bangers or military. The .22 is mostly for small game and I have 2000 rounds for it.

    Give me a 9 any day. Shot placement is king.

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    I like the .357 and .45 they just hit hard.

    Good point regarding carrying the ammo that the cops in your area carry for quick reload if one is down in a big gunfight. Ours carry .45 auto..
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  7. ?????? My +P+ 40 shoots 155gr Gold Dots 1300 Fps and hits with 581 ftlb. Very close to the 10mm! No 9mm can match this. I believe that the BGs should always get the best. This is a level that lets me to deer hunt with in my state so I have seen first hand that this is a real killer, many 1 shot DRTs. The 40 cal is a better performer in the 150 to 165 weights. There is a reason that the Secret Service switch to the 40 and lets not forget the FBI shoot out in Miami that caused them to skip the 9mm option and choose the 40cal. Here is what they had to say about it.

    The subsequent FBI investigation placed partial blame for the agents' deaths on the lack of stopping power exhibited by their service handguns. They soon began the search for a more powerful caliber and cartridge. Noting the difficulties of reloading a revolver while under fire, they specified that agents should be armed with semiautomatic handguns. The Smith & Wesson 1076, chambered for the 10mm Auto round, was chosen as a direct result of the Miami shootout. The sharp recoil of the 10mm Auto later proved too much for most agents to control effectively, and a special reduced velocity loading of the 10mm Auto round was developed, commonly referred to as the "10mm Lite" or "10mm FBI".

    Soon thereafter, Smith and Wesson realized the long case of the 10mm Auto was not necessary to produce the improved ballistics of the FBI load. Smith and Wesson developed a shorter cased cartridge based on the 10mm that would ultimately replace the 10mm as the primary FBI service cartridge, the .40 S&W. The .40 S&W became far more popular than its parent due to the ability to chamber the shorter cartridge in standard frame automatic pistols designed initially for the 9 mm Parabellum. Other than a .142" reduction in overall case length, resulting in less gunpowder capacity in the .40 S&W, the 10mm and .40 S&W are identical in projectile size, both using a 0.400" caliber bullet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RafterBob View Post
    ... lets not forget the FBI shoot out in Miami that caused them to skip the 9mm option and choose the 40cal.
    Thanks for sharing! I always love hearing/reading the story behind the development of weapons/rounds. Great reminder! Thanks again! :)
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  9. I shoot 40. However I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of either.

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    I talked to a Sig rep the other day. He told me all I would have to do was change the barrel and a Sig .40 would now be able to shoot a .357. I think he was referring to the .357 sig. that would have more then 2000fps. I will look into this further. Anyone els out there know about this?

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    What the FBI needed was proper training and more range time. Induced stress training and more range time. More stress induced training and more range time. Not one head shot placed in the entire gunfight.

    Not a new caliber. I don't care what the SS chose or the FBI or any other agency. I don't have great admiration for their shooting abilities, did I mention proper tactical training with lot's of stress induced into the evolutions ?? Static targets ?? Never heard of one. They alway's move.

    I didn't vote because it doesn't matter what caliber you hand me. It's a tool, just that, use it and use it well.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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