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Thread: .45acp vs 9mm

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    Has anyone on here ever carried any caliber bigger than a .45, like the .454 Casull, .454 Alaskan, .460, .50AE, or S&W .500 magnum?
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    I think they are both excellent calibers.....lot of history, testing, and experimentation with loads in both of them. They will both do the job for self defense when needed.
    "Never advance cheerfully on your late opponent without reloading. You may have used your last round, and he may not be properly dead and still spiteful." Major Hugh Pollard

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    I carry a P220. Love It. I carry a 10 round back up mag, with 8 round in the Sig.

  5. Im sure its been said....

    Carry what you shoot well. Carry the gun that fits you...
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    Talking The image just made me laugh....

    Quote Originally Posted by gdcleanfun View Post
    my Colt 45mm
    I'm sorry to pick on a typo (Lord knows I've had more than my share), but I just couldn't help but see the image of the Fun lady, cane in one hand because of her "boo boo" foot, 45mm Colt grenade launcher in the other, intimidating the heck out of some BG at the quilt show!

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  7. Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Has anyone on here ever carried any caliber bigger than a .45, like the .454 Casull, .454 Alaskan, .460, .50AE, or S&W .500 magnum?
    When I lived in NH I OC'ed a 44 Mag Desert Eagle on a tactical thigh holster. I did not have a CC permit so open carry was my only option. I held a S&W 500 Magnum the other day. It is the finite definition of a hand cannon. Not much use for concealed carry but very cool with a mini tripod and pistol scope attached. I want one real bad.

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    Main reason I went with a .45 for a carry gun was cause I found a great deal on a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Originally I was going to go with a XD9 but found a guy at the sheriff’s office selling his slightly used Kimber for $450. Couldn't pass that up. Then with a little practice can shoot it just as well as a 9mm.

    I like the extra weight and diameter of the .45 but I think the .40 and 9mm are also affective defensive rounds. I feel whatever you can shoot the best with should be what you carry. Scoring 3 hits with a 9mm is better the scoring 3 missing with a .45.
    "little practice can shoot it just as well as a 9mm."

    I carry the glock 19c.........9 mil.

    reason why> Carried the 1911 45 socom in the marines for 12 years.

    yes it has more knock down. yes it is more powerful.

    However i am in to competetion shooting now and there is no way a guy ( up above) can shoot as fast and as acurate with a 45 against a 9 mil. no way!
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  9. neither is superior

    velocity vs weight......it is all a matter of personal preference. i think everyone should be worried about shot placement

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    Why do I carry a .45?.... Because they don't make a .46!! LoL's If you ever get the chance to handle and fire a Kimber Ultra Carry II..... DO IT!!!! It will be your next carry gun for sure!!! J.T.
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    I carry a .45 because of the stopping power. If I have to pull it on a juiced up drug addict ransacking my house, I know he's gonna go down.

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