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    JSDinTexas Guest
    check out GeorgiaArms.com - they have terrible ship times (send it when they have the components) but the prices seem pretty good.

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    I found www.ammoseek.com very useful
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    I've purchased several times from DoubleTap ammo, all positive experiences. Great ammo.
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  5. Georga Arms

    I like to shop here. They are backed up on orders now though but worth the wait. Last order of 1000rds of Gold Dot +P 40 cal was just short of $500 with shipping. Not bad to pay $20 a box of 50 for the best SD loads. This was new ammo and they also supply many LE agencys with this too. Nice to be able to punch papper with the same load I carry for SD. I will not shop at Cheaper than Dirt after I saw them scalp .380 like they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyzoi View Post
    dont know if this link has ever been posted, but here it is again....
    I usually buy my ammo on line because I rarely find a deal around where I live.
    These guys are pretty good on price and shipping is free with $50 order.

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  7. I have been getting good prices at East Coast Gun Sales]. They ship pretty quickly too.

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    I cannot find ammo for the 45 or 40 in town.

    I would like to buy online. How is the Sportsmansguide?

    They have things in stock....

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    A friend of mine has this site:

    AmmoNow.com Searching for the best ammunition prices

    Pretty cool. It also seems that Sportsman's Guide has some good deals, especially if you become a member of their Buyer's Club. It entitles you to 10% discount on all products and free shipping for a mebership fee of about $30 a year. They also send you (2) $10 gift certificates for future purchases. Anyone else using them for ammo.

    Only prblem thus far is that since this past weekend I haven't been able to access the site for some reason. Anyone got that prblem or is it my computer?

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