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    There are a lot of good choices to select from on the market, it is up to individual preference. In the Army I carried the 1911A1 with 230 grain hard ball ammo. It is all about shot placement.
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    Lots of good advice here. No ammo discussion would be complete without consideration of the lightweight high-speed BMT [blended metals technology] rounds made by RBCD Performance Plus, Inc. in San Antonio [distributed by Lemas, Ltd. in Little Rock]. The Wikipedia info does an injustice to the efficacy of these controversial RBCD/Lemas rounds. For an authoritative treatment of this ammo by the pros who use it, I recommend visiting the Professional Soldiers forum under Ammo Talk:

    Ammo Talk [Archive] - Professional Soldiers

    and from a military trauma surgeon's perspective:

    Trauma Surgeon Evaluates LeMas - Graphic [Archive] - Professional Soldiers

    You can draw your own conclusions. As for me, aside from the armored piercing characteristics of the law enforcement/military-use-only ammo, I believe the civilian-legal stuff is just as awesome. I've practiced with .32, 38., and .45 loads in my carry guns since I bought my first box from RBCD owner-developer Roscoe Stoker in 2000. No complaints. Never had to had to defend with it, thank God!
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  4. I prefer to test several brands, for both penetration, and function, and getting on target where it belongs. Each of my carry guns has it's own preference. Glock 27 40 S&W, federal 180gr hydra-shock, both the Springfield XD and Glock 22 40 S&W 155gr Lawman LE 502 ft lbs The larger guns handle the recoil better from the LE hot loads. my mouse guns for summer carry are the same. practice is important. Same thing with mags, factory only when I carry.

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