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Thread: Ruger LCP does not like Fiocchi JHP

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    I am having a chambering problem with the Fiocchi JHP in my Sig P238, works great in my Ruger LCP.

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    My wife and I carry small 380s as bugs, we at first had a TCP and a LCP, we used several brands trying to get something we were both comfortable with, Fiocchi worked great in the Taurus but not in the ruger, and we had 3 mags for each, we finaly decided on powerball it worked in both guns reliably, we never did get used to that way long trigger on the Ruger and traded it for a second Taurus

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    My NAA Guardian eats, with gusto, anything I put in the mag, from Remington ball to Fiocchi Extremas.
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    Speer Gold Dots. 90gr. It's the only ammo I've put thru my LCP, same for my daughter. Gold Dots were recommended to me by another LCP owner so i bought three boxes, and not a problem noted. My daughter ran several boxes thru hers also and again, no probs. Sooooooo, we stocked up on spare parts, mags and Gold Dots!
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