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Thread: AMMO! best bang for your buck?

  1. AMMO! best bang for your buck?

    ok guys what do you think are some of the best brand names for ammo? and what gives you the most bang for your buck, that is the quality quantity balance. we all know not all bullets are the same and the grain amount usually has some bearing. also more specifically the .40sw, what would you guys suggest?

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    For carry ammo (.40 S&W), I spare no expense. I couldn't tell you how much it cost me. I bought a bunch of good stuff years ago and still have enough for my mags.

    For target ammo, I try to use the cheapest I can find. Right now, that's Blazer Brass from Walmart in a 50 round box. The box cost me 12.97 / 50 about 26 cents per round. I used to buy Winchester White Box (WWB) by the 100 round boxes. That was when the price was $16 for 100 rounds. Now the WWB costs me 28.97 per 100 rounds. So around .29 / round. Economically the BB is cheaper. I have not had any malfunctions with either BB or WWB in my G23.

    Note. I am shooting alot more 9mm and .22 these days than .40. I was hoping that ammo prices would start to drop with the gass, but no luck so far.
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    WWB from Walmart. I haven't seen any Blazer in this area. Maybe I should take a trip up to GA.
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    Blazer Brass for me as well. 9 mm is just under $9/box of 50. I've not had any issues with this brand at all.


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    For target wwb or pmc try to keep the cost for practice down with the amount of it i do. for self defense the same as most cost is no issue.
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    If you shot a lot reloading is the way to go. It cost me just under $250 for everything I need to get up and reloading .45 ACP. I've been doing it a couple years now and I've paid for the equipment many times over.

    But the WWB and Blazer brase from wally world is good practice ammo at a decent price. For carry I use Hydra-shok, or Gold dots.
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    I use the Winchester white box ammo, usually from Wal-mart for training at Front Sight. I've only had 1 dud round out of thousands.

    I reload my ammo for training and plinking at the range. Definitely the most "bang for your buck".
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