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    I'm a newbie and have just purchased Dillon 550b with Dillion's 9 mm carbide dies. I'm using 124 gr berry bullets with round nose and hollow bass, hodgdon's tightgroup 3.6 gr, Federal Premium primer, oal is 1.150. All of the bullets fit fine in the bullet gage as well as make the classic plunk noise in the barrel. My question is about the shape of the reload it appears to be an hourglass shape with a bulge at the bottom and top of the brass. The pictures hopefully show my dilemma.

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  3. You size the case well under chamber dimensions, then you expand the case (theoretically just over the length of the seated bullet) and seat.
    Now, the sizing die can't go down all the way, so the bottom of a case is not sized, and the unexpanded part of the case is still well under the chamber dimensions, so you often get a wasp-waist with 9x19. Perfectly safe.
    PS: a case gage is really only of use to ensure that the rounds will fit all guns. The BARREL is the critical gage.

  4. Thanks for the help

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