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  1. Brass

    Where can i find federal once fired 45 acp brass cheap.

  3. I doubt you'll find it "cheap," as your request would involve hand sorting the cases.

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    Everglades Ammo
    (239) 676-6592

  5. Everglades Ammo:

    45 ACP Demil Primed Brass - 1000 Pieces
    **** Please Note - Appears to be all Federal Headstamp but may contain other headstamps. Brass may be all Brass, all Nickel or a mix of both. Brass had had bullet loaded in to case and then removed.
    $145 out of stock

    Not EXACTLY what OP asked for...

  6. Brass-11140021_899890656742966_8096932785175436844_n.jpg

    I have 5 of these....I am NOT sorting by head stamp!

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