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Thread: Anyone tried the HPR Black Ops rounds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eidolon View Post
    But still not hugely effective. Now granted the Army uses ball ammunition but I've seen people take multiple rifle shots and continue to fight. That's why I stress multiple, on target hits so often.
    Always. Always multiple hits will be more effective, but that's more to do with tactics than equipment. Still, the amount of energy from a rifle is considerably more effective than handguns. Multiple Slugs or 00 from a 12 gauge is devastating compared to the wounds from multiple handgun hits.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eidolon View Post
    My understanding is the rounds Big Slick was talking about were reloads not the factory ammunition in the OP. I thought the whole point of Frangible ammunition was to reduce the chance of shooting through a wall
    Totally right...I screwed up and didn't read that he was talking about a different frangible round in that post.

    As far as frangible vs these '"new" open tip frangible. HPR BO wants penetration through hard surfaces, and all the frangible powder to burst the jacket in soft tissue. That's what I saw when I shot through metal, punched a perfect .45 hole through the metal. In fruit, the black powder inside was gone from what fragments of the jacket I could find, with a much larger exit hole.

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    I'm anxious to try mine. I just gotta get around and round up some 2 by board scraps to shoot at to compare to what my other rounds do.

    I realize the laptop test wasn't really the best way to test the Liberty Civil Defense but, we'll see how this works out.

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    Well, as I was breaking in the new Ruger yesterday, I decided to bust a few rounds in the Beretta as well and finally got to test these Black Ops rounds. I realize I didn't put them through the preferred test and shoot about a hundred of them to make a good report, I did shoot a few at some 2x6 boards and found out that wasn't the best way to test them. Kinda figured Neither the Black Ops rounds and even the Federal HST's I bought for the Ruger which is 9mm (black ops were 40) expanded at all as you can see in the pic.
    But, I did fill my 17 round mag with the black ops and fired them as fast as I could and didn't have a single issue. I know, probly oughtta do that several times but considering the 60 grain Liberties had a failure to eject only after the 6th round, these 105 grain's faired much better.

    I dunno, I may buy more, I may Still got a box left and just for grins and giggles, I loaded the magazine for standby mode alternating between the Black ops and the 180 Federal HST's.

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    Please see below the FBI tests done using Federal HST. They include shooting the round through hard barriers. The round is not supposed to expand on impact with a hard barrier as it needs to penetrate through it. Expansion happens after penetrating through a barrier and upon impact with a body (or gel in the test). You can find out more about service handgun round performance at Law Enforcement - Federal Premium LE, Speer LE, BLACKHAWK!, Eagle - Load Comparison.

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