good .38 special non +p load for a snubnose
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Thread: good .38 special non +p load for a snubnose

  1. good .38 special non +p load for a snubnose

    Hi , can someone recomend a good .38 special non +p load for a snubnose , I am done to my last box of federal Chief specials , many thanks rooster

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    You have four makers to choose from that I know of;

    Fiocchi and Winchester are not difficult to find; Sportsmansguide and Ammunitiontogo have them. My only experience is with Winchester Silvertips. Unfortunately as you've found, many ammunition makers are going to strictly +P for .38 special personal protection rounds.
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    I use the Fiocchi 125gn. on occasion.....have shot a lot of them and they are of good quality.
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