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    I was shooting my baby eagle .40S&W using blazer brass ammo. It was too wimpy to lock the slide back properly on the last shot . This is the first time I've ever had issues with Blazer. The lot number was
    If any body else has any issues with this please sound off. My Baby Eagle chewed up the follower on two magazines because of not having enough inertia. (stupid me...I should have stopped after 1)

  3. Thanks I have a load of blaser Brass I will look at the lot numbers. But to this point I have had no proplem with that ammo in 45c,40c,380c,and9mm
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    I've had no fuctionality issues with Blazer/CCI ammo, but man - my Sig GSR 1911 hates the stuff for accuracy.

    In fact, when I first bought my GSR (being a big SigSauer fan) my first rounds through it were Blazer/CCI. I was so incredibly disappointed with the accuracy that I seriously considered trading it or selling it immediately for an HK USP. However, I tired a different brand of ammo and - much more to my initial expectations - I was grouping like I KNEW this gun should group. (At 30' I let my girlfriend shoot and group center mass, while I shoot the smaller silhouette in the corner - slow fire of course. The GSR and P229 .40 group this tightly with 'ease.')

    No more Blazer ammo through my 1911, unless it's all CQB/defensive pistol drills for me. Just my experience.
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