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    I posted a while ago that Lucky Gunner did some extensive handgun self defense ammunition tests. These tests have been updated with more semi-auto handgun rounds and with revolver rounds. Note the differences in barrel length for the revolver rounds. | Handgun Self-Defense Ammunition Ballistics Test | 38 Special and .357 Magnum Self-Defense Ammo Ballistics Test

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    I am really depressed about the XTP bullet performance in 2" 38 revolvers.
    The look good in my 9mm semi autos, but poor on the revolver, I may have to change to bullets
    I may have to check if I can get 38+P load data for the Winchester 130 grain bonded hollow point bullets.

  4. Can someone please explain how snap caps function in a smi auto, do they eject like a spent bullet

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  6. Snap caps protect the firing pin from excessive battering. You can eject them by pulling the slide back by hand, but they won’t eject on their own. They have no powder charge. The primer is sometimes just silicone in the primer pocket.

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