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  1. We fired 300 hand loaded 9mm rounds yesterday. Not a single misfire and every one of them was more accurate than Blazer rounds. That's the sort of thing that makes reloading all worthwhile. We also found that my wifes CW9 likes rounds that are slightly lighter than my PT92, so I load rounds for her 1.5 grain lighter. You can't do that sort of thing buying factory ammo.

  3. Well, I bought the Lee Delux kit. made a few stupid mistakes and trashed about 25 pieces of brass (forgot to reset the tool that dumps the powder and opens the brass for the bullet). I NOW KNOW!

    I loaded about 75 pieces, and wanted to take them to the range before I did too many.

    Thanks alot for all the help!

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    joesmo, Reloading is like sex. Once you start you cant go back.
    Start with a RCBS Rockchucker, it's quality and will load from .17 to 50 cal. Any other single stage press will do.
    Lee make inexpensive carbide dies.
    A case tumbler is nice, but you do not have to have it.
    A micrometer to check your OAL, and case length.
    Use the (dipper) powder measure (they work fine), or invest in scales, electronic or mechanical.
    Check used bookstores for reloading manuals, or get new info online from the manufacture.
    Follow the rules, you will love it.


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