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    Canned Heat

    Anyone used any 380,9mm and 40 canned heat bulk ammo from Georgia Arms for practice rounds?

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    I haven't tried any of their bulk ammo but I have used some of their bagged ammo. Georgia Arms is a reputable business and they are always at the Greenville show. There is always a line at their table. I don't think you can go wrong with their ammo.
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    Just like Red Hat, I have tried their 380 bag ammo and found it to be just fine. That was before I began "rollin' my own". I recently purchased 500 rounds of "Canned Heat" in 357sig and am way, way pleased with it. I've been pickin' up my brass, as I will be reloading 357sig now also. The "Canned Heat": Very consistent stuff. 1300fps!
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