Bulk 380 ammo
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Thread: Bulk 380 ammo

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    Bulk 380 ammo

    looking for 1000 rounds of practice ammo for a 380 anyone have a sorce for it that is a good price

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    +1 conerning Georgia-Arms. They have "Canned Heat". This is ammo boxes with 500 or 1000 rounds of ammo that can be shipped. I recently bought 500 rounds of 357Sig from them and am very pleased.
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    sportsmansguide.com is good for some types of ammo.
    ammoman.com is great, but sold out of almost everything right now.
    ableammo.com is a good ammo site too.
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  7. You could reload 1000 rounds for about $90. If you pick up brass at the range every time you go, you'll have 1000 cases in no time. Most people do not save their brass. When I go to the range I ask everyone shooting to put their brass in "my" bucket. If it's a busy day at the range, I usually end up with close to 1000 cases split between 45acp, 9mm, .380 and 38spl in a three hour period.

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    I have been looking at the Georgia arms and they are 5-7 weeks behind in shipping. Ammunition to go only has the expensive stuff. I am looking for parctice rounds

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    JWS, the Georgia-Arms Canned Heat order I mentioned came in 5 days even though they advertised that 5-7 weeks thing. 1300fps
    I know a man by the name of Mel;
    he can't see but he sure do smell.

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    ordered 1500 rounds today will see how long it takes....Thanks for all the information

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    Been a little over 2 weeks and nothing shipped yet . The 5-7 weeks may be correct.

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