Best 9 mm weight?
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Thread: Best 9 mm weight?

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    Best 9 mm weight?

    What bullet weight would be best for target/plinking and carry? Using W231 powder.
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  2. To me? A 115gn JHP. Best for Self Defense, best for accuracy. Buy in bulk from Precision Delta or Zero bullets from Powder Valley (may not be able to find anything right now) for practice/fun. Buy name brand, high-performance for self-defense.
    231/HP38 is NOT the best powder for 9mm Luger. Go to Power Pistol for accuracy and performance. Any powder faster than PP will go phew, phew without issue, but is that ALL you want from your loads?

  3. The 124gr is the standard bullet weight. It's also the mid range of bullets designed for the cartridge. I'd start there and then let the gun dictate where to go next based on performance. I've had about a dozen 9mm's over the years and none of them liked the same exact load, bullet or velocity- even the supposedly 'identical' ones.

  4. Target: 115gn JHP
    Self Defense against normal clothed target: 115gn JHP
    Self Defense against heavily clothed target: 147gn FN
    Self Defense against bowling pins and steel plates: probably 147gn FN
    Plinking: ANY bullet is just fine, though you might want to stick to std 124gn bullets for POI

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