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Thread: Choosing Carry ammo for 9mm... help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Helmet View Post
    much thanks folks...

    I used to be a "MV first" guy... but going from hunting primarily with a 25-06 to a 35 Whelen (aka 35-06)... uh, heavy and a little slower is just A-OK...

    so I'm guessing I'll stick with 124gr +Ps....

    I can't imagine opting for a 115... weight is a very effective tool when it relates to energy transfer, at least on game. 'course I'm not throwing 250gr out there at 2400fps... but nonetheless... (talk about bone-destruction at about 200yds...)

    thanks again.
    My recommendation is to try different types of ammo.
    I've found that in one of my CCW the 9mm 124 gr work great.
    However, my friend's XDM9 the 147 gr felt like less recoil than the 124s.
    Accuracy was they same negating opeerator error.

    Also check at different distants too (5,7,10, 15 yards)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockster20 View Post
    Cor-Bon 115gr. JHP's in +P or Speer Gold Dot 124gr. JHP's in +P.

    What he said!!!
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    I'd go with the Speer Gold Dots in 124 gr. Cor Bon ammo is good, but it's a little pricey. It's good practice to shoot a couple of boxes of your defensive ammo on a regular basis. I didn't see a big enough of a difference in performance to justify the higher cost of Cor Bon ammo. If you're partial to Remington ammo, Golden Sabre ammo works good as well. It's a little more costly than Speer Gold Dots, but less expensive than Cor Bon.

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    Choosing Carry ammo for 9mm

    I use either Cor-Bon /Glaser (also known as Pow'R Ball) it's been tested by and used by FBI because it is known to go through several layers of heavy clothing(ie: winter) and then 10-12" of forensic jelly where it stops.
    I also use Hornady critical Defense 115 gr FTX for mostly the same reasons except the Pow'R Ball is 135 gr.
    Hornady is often available at Cabela's ;Glaser is usually available at Cheaper Than Dirt.
    Any Help????

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    I am going to play devil's advocate here and also add,it is also a good idea for your "personal defense"weapon to be un-modified!!This will help you in the long run should you have to use it.I personally use Speer gold dot's in my Kel-Tec P-11.They are a good "middle of the road" round,that won't draw too much attention from a CIVIL attourny should I have to use it,as well as my un-modified pistol wont either.We just had this discussion on another board,and someone found several cases of modified guns held against law abidingowners in civil court.The best consensus we could come up with is to use your stock guns for defense and the trick ones for "range"work.

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    Federal 9BPLE. find it at law enforcement supply houses. It makes one deadly mushroom. cops have used it for years.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dark Helmet View Post
    well, I'm getting close to the point where I need to decide what I'm actually going to carry for ammunition.

    I (will, waiting on permit) carry an HK P2000SK in 9mm, and will be carrying it IWB...

    how much of that is relevant? not sure, but what are my best choices for carry ammunition, and as it relates to that, I've noticed a lot of 124gr +P loads and 147gr NOT +P.... I can't seem to find ballistics info on most of them though, so comparing "dead bad-guy" effects is kinda tough...

    thanks for any/all guidance on this!
    I got 2 questions for you.

    What bullet weight do you prefer?

    What load does your gun shoot accurately and reliably in that bullet weight?

    I've got 4 9mm's that I've used over the years for concealed carry. Every one of them worked best with a different load. I had 2 Hi-Powers that were made within a month or two of each other (Serial #'s were less than 500 apart). One loved the old Corbon 147gr +P+ load but wouldn't feed 124 Hydrashocks at all. The other shot 124gr HydraShocks all day long in a cloverleaf at 15 yards and was minute of coke bottle at 15 yards with the 147's. My 9mm Combat Commander likes the non +P 147gr loads a lot.

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    I have used the Winchester 147 G JHP and burnt through a box of 50 with no problems at all in my P95. I use that for my Home defense Ammo..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTS840 View Post
    Some of the information you have recieved may be a bit...dated. While it's true that older designs did not do well in real street encounters, the newest generation 147 grain hollow points are much better.

    With the right bullet design, there's nothing wrong with the 147 grain loading. Pick the one that works best in your weapon and worry more about training and tactics.

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    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo
    That is what i use is the Winchester 147 G hollow points

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    Federal 9BPLE. find it at law enforcement supply houses. It makes one deadly mushroom. cops have used it for years.
    I've carried this round in my Sig 226 since it was new. At the time I bought this was what our Sheriff's Department carried in the 226. It's powerful, accurate and shoots each and every time. I don't know what more you'd want in SD ammo. I know there are newer cartridges out there but I'm an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' sort. I've looked at the various tests and so far I've not seen anything that works better.

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