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Thread: question concern as to reload

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    Quote Originally Posted by benzuncle View Post
    Alright, I give up. You've convinced me to sell my firearms, my house and my car. I don't want to be sued by someone falling in my yard or getting hit while I'm driving my car!
    LOL! Just kidding. Valid points concerning Bernard Goetz. But I don't give a rat's butt. I'm still reloading my own and because this is America, you can do as you choose also. Your adivice is duly noted.
    As long as you're in a stand your ground State with blanket civil suit immunity for justifiable homicide you're fine. However leave Florida, Indiana or Missouri and you may be in for a rude awakening using those handloads.

    Hopefully our stronger castle doctrine bill AB288 will pass which will make the handload issue in Nevada more of a moot point.
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    Net, thanks much for sharing your advice. I do appreciate it. I don't leave FL very often. In case some of you did not know it, we that live here are on vacation 365 days a year and go to Disney World every weekend. Well, that's what all of our relatives believe anyway!
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    Don't worry. Probably anything you reload won't match some of the +P self defense ammo on the market. If you want to wonder, go to the next gun show and see some of the self defense crap they sell. Last show I went to (last weekend) they had shotgun shells (12 gauge) loaded with tacks, barbed wire, strips of wire with split shot on the ends, and stuff like that. If you reload responsibly and follow the manuals, you should have no problems. My daughter worries that if she uses HP's in her 9mm, then a scum sucking lawyer will try to get her for using too much force. B.S. I have carried for over 20 years now and luckly have not had to draw my weapon yet, but I am ready but carry reloads because I make them myself, cast them myself, and trust them. I can shoot a couple of boxes of them for a lot less than some of the self defense loads that come in 20 or 25/box and mine will do the same things. One thing better than buying the hottest most destructive load on the market today is practice. You can have the best, baddest, and most potent hand gun and load on the market today, but if you can't get the firearm out of the holster in a timely manner you might as well use a que tip swab. Stand in front of a mirror, and practice drawing your weapon over and over and over again. It's a lot better to do this and KNOW you will be ready and know how to get the weapon out and ready than having a cannon for use because you have to do it flawlessly and efficiently. Practice and practice and you can use a military surplus FMJ to get the job done. Its practice and precision that works. Forget all of the hollywood crap and hype. Practice and precision on how to get the bullet where it counts will save you in the end. Remember, 98% of the time you will actually have to use your firearm in a self defense situation will be 20 feet or less. Know how to get to it, get it our, and react

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    Quote Originally Posted by astute View Post
    You make a valid point and most self defense experts agree that it could get you into trouble in court by an over zealous prosecute. The other and in my opinion the main point against hand loads for defense is dependability. No matter how careful you are it's too easy to foul powder or primers and not realize it until it's too late. There are just too many ways reloaded ammo can fail for me to want to trust my life to it. Premium ammo is all good. Doesn't matter what brand, it all will perform like it's supposed to. Pick the one you are comfortable with and it will be right. If you just can't decide, as was suggested, find out what the local LEO carries. You can't go wrong with this way of choosing.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
    I agree with this myself. also factory ammo is made with new compotents (brass) so my thinking for carry ammo is carry newly made ammo. I know you can buy new brass, but i dont. You can get the occasional bad round from a box of factory so it is important to do a visual on the rounds before you load your gun. Plus i donot load to factory max loadings, i think you would want to have the (stronger) stuff in the pipe when you carry. I really do not give alot of concern as to the legalities issues, i heard that this is not concived as it once was. I think the facts as to why one had to use deadly physical force will be scrutitnized more than what ammo one used.
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    Two lawyers advised me NOT to carry handloads; not for the criminal trial, but to mitigate the possible civil lawsuit. Juries can be emotionally swayed and its not worth the risk. BTW, Texas CHL range tests MUST be done with commercial ammo. For carry ammo, the advice to ask the local LEO's what they carry is wise.

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