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You might want to change your powder. Hodgdon HS-6 has a very slow burn rate. Using it in 45acp it becomes dirty because it can't produce a high enough CPU to burn all the powder. You may want to try a faster burning powder like Hodgdon TITEGROUP. I have very good results with it.

Here is a burn rate chart. HS-6 is 35 and TITEGROUP is 10 on the list. Burn Rate
Red Hat is right. I just heard that yesterday at the range. For example, if I were to and have loaded 9mm, I was told not to use Bullseye because it does not burn quite fast enough. He told me to try Hodgedon Universal or Clays. Because 9mm's are a high pressure round. Another rule is for 9mm dont use Blue Dot or 2400. Reserve those two for Magnum Loads