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Thread: Barnes 40 S&W 155 gr. M/LE reloading

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    There's a show on Verizons programming called Best Defense. Its a VERY good show (I dvr the series). Covers all forms of self defense: home, parking lots, malls, ATMs, etc. Anyways, they did one show, using several 2x4 walls several feet apart (on an outdoor range) and fired a 9mm jhp, 45 jhp, 223 rifle, and 12 ga using 00 buck, then birdshot- demonstrating 1: if you were to miss your "threat", and 2: how the rounds reacted to the drywall(s), and how far they travelled. The 9mm went through all 4 sets of walls, as did the 223; the 45 stopped at the 4th wall, 00 stopped at the 3rd wall, and birdshot barely made it through the 2nd wall, illustrating that your child or your spouse hiding in another bedroom could very well have been hit or killed even down the hallway! So, for the home, shotgun would be the preferred weapon, other than that, even though the 45 is a bigger more powerful round, there is much less chance of the round going through your target and into an innocent victim, due to its lower velocity. If anyone has Verizon with the DVR, search Best Defense
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    I voted for the 45acp; big pills pure and simple. I'm glad the 357Sig round wasn't listed as that would have made my choice difficult. I really love both rounds. I missed the 357magnum when I parted with it. The 125gr 357sig gives it back to me.
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    Carry caliber

    Any caliber that is dependable, reliable and that you can accurately shoot will do the job.

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    I think it will depend on the physical size of gun you carry, or intend to. 45's, for the most part, are rather cumbersome compared to 380/9mm. Also, the size and strength of the hands will dictate caliber choice as well. My 63 YO wife, with small hands and arthritic thumbs, prefers to CC a Titanium Taurus 38sp revolver. I have very large hands so I can handle my HP 40,45, etc., but I choose to carry in a IWB holster, my 9mm. I cannot imagine getting into a situation of a out-of-control firefight, so my accuracy with my HP 9mm will represent me well, Mano y Mano. I am an active 2x a month SASS shooter, so in a perfect world I really would prefer my 45 LC Taurus Single Action Gaucho, but heck, trying to carry it concealed is darn near impossible. Knock Down Impact?...of course my HP 45 ACP but practicality dictates my 9mm with JHP. All this IMHO of course as usual...BC
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    I like the .45 round, and I can control my weapon, but if someone is of a lighter frame, then a 9mm or .40 is a reasonable round for them. A .357 Mag doesen't really do any good if you cannot control the weapon and hit your target. Bigger is not always better.

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    You never hear of anyone Emptying a 45 into a bad guy. 1 or 2 little blue pills generally do the job on the first try.

    .40 S&W has just as good a reputation as a 45 for knockdown but is not as wildly popular. It is however carried by most police departments and that speaks volumes for it's combat effectiveness.

    9mm simply does not get it done as a military round. It might with a good hollow-point bullet but as ball ammo it pretty much sucks. The last time I went through M-9 training we were being taught 2 to the chest one to the head makes an insurgent extremely dead. That is because 9mm ball ammo is not a one shot stop.

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    As has already been said, whatever model/caliber you will carry and can shoot accurately. It has also been said that a .22 that you will carry is better than a .357 that you leave at home because it's too heavy/uncomfortable. I'm not saying to carry a .22, I'm just saying it's better than not carrying anything at all. Just my opinion.

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