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Thread: .44 Mag vs .357 Mag (knockdown power)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtg452 View Post
    A 125gr bullet traveling @ 1450fps (Speer 125gr Gold Dot based on the listed velocity on the Speer site) is superior to a 240gr bullet traveling @ 1400fps (Speer 240gr Gold Dot hunting load velocity from the same site)?

    Almost twice the bullet weight traveling at approximately the same speed? Nope, don't think so.

    Speer Ammo - Ballistics Tables
    Are you commenting on my post (9mm vs. .357), or the original post (.357 vs. 44 mag)?

    I'm assuming the latter, based on the bullet weights, but the ammo I used was:

    9mm: Winchester 9mm Luger, 115 gr. FMJ.
    .357: Hornady, 140 gr. JHP

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    Read the same article. I load 357B and C357B in my revolver. The other option is the 38 Spec +P They do not have the same "buck and roar" as the author of the article mentioned but will stop at close range.

    Matter of feel for you the user. A 44 Mag small enough to carry concealed will kick like a mule. May not be comfortable for you. 357 not so bad (in my opinion) and Federal makes the 357 personal defense ammo in low recoil. With the 357 Mag you have the option for the 38 Spec, 38 Spec +P or +P+, and the 357 Mag loads.
    Options are good.

    Best way to find the correct caliber is to shoot some and see. I've had the S&W "Dirty Harry" model 29 in my hands with factory 44 Mag loads.. Yikes... Fun, but not when life and death matter. Make sure it's one you can handle. It's your defense weapon, not a show piece.
    A man's got to know his limitations. -Dirty Harry. I carry a .44 special with 165gr Corbons. Factory loads? fuhgetaboutit

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  4. When I carry a revolver, I carry a large, heavy frame .357 Magnum with hollow point .38 spc +P. I find that the nice weight of the .357 really does well for controling recoil and I can get more shots off, more often.

    When I carry an automatic, I carry a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm compact with federal hydroshocks. If the first shot does not convince the threat to stop, Im sure that after the 13th rapidly fired shot, the threat will be a little more pursuaded.
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    I thought this was a discussion on open/concealed carry decisions of which round is more powerful, the .44 mag. or the .357 mag. I didn't know we were discussing big game hunting. For CCW purposes I prefer my .45 acp with either my 9mm or .380 as my bug. For one shot stopping power in a defensive situtation, the .45 acp in 230 gr. JHP will suit my purposes ideally. With the 9mm you need +P+ JHP rds and double tap a couple to provide the same stopping power, same with the .380. I know I haven't added anything... Sorry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    A man's got to know his limitations. -Dirty Harry. I carry a .44 special with 165gr Corbons. Factory loads? fuhgetaboutit

    "Go Ahead, Make my day"
    I'm still inclined to get one though. The 44Mag is just not one I would choose for carry.

    S&W has a model in the Night Guard series. The 396NG in 44 special 5 shot revolver. Perhaps...

    My model 65-3 4" is good for cool to cold weather carry. Kinda big for the summer and it prints under a tee-shirt real bad.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jmcrooks View Post
    .44 mag would be a bit of over kill, that and a 44 would be a lot of wieght to have to carry around. The .357 mag at one time was the #1 one shot stop round and like KimberPB pointed out you pretty much have 2 guns in one with being able too also use .38. .38 and .357 are cheeper then .44 mag. I have a .44 Desert Eagle and it cost me to do some real rang time with it.
    Colt Cobra snubnose in 38 SPL with 140 - 158 grain HP bullets.

    Easy to carry and will get the job done & revolvers won't jam or hang up like auto pistols do. On a misfire you just cycle to the next round.

    For years it was the .38 SPL & the .30-30 Win. getting the job done for most self defense and hunting tasks.

    Now you need a .500 S&W and a .460 Weatherby to do the same jobs or you're "undergunned".

    Cynical old me thinks this has more to do with marketing than necessity.

    A sign of the times.

  8. Both are great calibers. I do like carrying my Ruger LCR 357 because of the lack of weight and having .357 mag rounds at my disposal. However, I live up north in the Northeast and can easily carry a larger weapon concealed during the cold months. Lately I've been carrying my Taurus M44 -4" which I actually shoots better groups rapidly because of the barrel porting than I do with my .357mag. I prefer shooting .44mag over .357mag because of actual ammunition but prefer the .357mag for weight and concealing.

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    357 mag would be my choice, cheaper then the 44 mag and less recoil. Then again, I really like a 357!

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    IMO the .44 mag is overkill for personal defense. The .357 has plenty of stopping power and is controllable enough to put more rounds on target faster and more accurately.

    I'd want a .44 on my hip if I were hunting/camping in an area that has potentially dangerous large animals, but if it's dangerous people that I'm worried about, the .357 is a better choice.
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    I have both. But, for CCW, my S&W 681PC (.357mag) gets the nod. I hunt with my 629 Classic. I grew up shooting my Fathers' S&W 19's, 27's and 29's. I am DEFINITELY partial to the .357 mag. With Lasegrips on the 681PC, and 7 rounds, I feel safe in any crowd. I use several different holsters, depending on the season, for concealment. Though I am a "wheelie" nut, lately I have been seriously considering the Coonan .357mag (1911 framed). In a recent email, They said that after the 1st of the year, they will be introducing a 4" and 6" (long-slide) to go with the 5" they are currently offering. Take care everybody, and to all, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!

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