Added to the collection today...
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Thread: Added to the collection today...

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    Added to the collection today...

    It had been a while since I added anything to my collection. Next Friday is my B-day so I thought I would treat myself. I picked up this FNP-45 today.

    It goes well with my FNP-9

    As far as that goes it fits pretty well with my whole collection

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    Quite a collection. :) I grinned Big Big.

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    Nice collection and nice addition. It is always great to get a new firearm. I added a AK47 "pistol" to my my collection couple weeks back.
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    Not enough, you need more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan H View Post
    Not enough, you need more.
    Exactly what I think. To try to keep things smooth with the wife I also bought her one. She loves revolvers and she loves shooting my Buckmark .22.

    Best of both.

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