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    Desert Eagle MC

    I am collecting opinions of this .380 and so far, I am getting about 80% positive feed back. Does anyone out there have one that has had problems?

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    I held a couple of them when I was shopping for a .380. All the other subcompact .380 pistols out there are smaller, and don't have a weird trigger guard.
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    Micro Eagle

    Ditto on the trigger guard. Would not take too much effort to get a finger in front of it! On the plus side, it isn't plastic, has that unique double spring set up and from the reviews I have been reading, it is very well finished. I little pricey too! Hope to get a close look at one at the next show up here in Michigan.


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    The ones I played with did indeed have a good finish on them! Very pricy, but not as much as my Sig P238. You may or may not be interested in one of those. They are also well finished, and all metal. Mine cost me somewhere around $539 after taxes. It is a Colt Mustang replica, down pretty much to the "T". Picture a tiny little single action mini 1911 in .380 ACP...

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