Ruger New Vaquero...Question?
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Thread: Ruger New Vaquero...Question?

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    Ruger New Vaquero...Question?

    I am thinking about buying one of these in a 45 LC online and I have never messed with one.
    Does the cylinder free spin when the hammer is down?
    Are these models easier to have a good action job done on?

    Would I be waisting my money on this gun or is there a better mod out there?
    Can any SA shooters out there help me?

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    I know just a tiny bit about a Vaquero. Not sure about the cylinder question, but it is probably the most popular Cowboy-Action pistols available. That says a lot. From what little I know, I'm pretty sure any C.A. shooter takes a new Vaquero to the gunsmith to have some lightening done to the action.

    Personally, I think they're a little too expensive, but I think you can find some good used ones out there.
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    Had very little experience with the NEW Vaquero's, but the original Vaqueros were redesigned to operate more like the Colts and Cowboy designs with a free spin cylinder, and a slimmer frame like the Colt and became the NEW Model Vaquero. Therefore it was my understanding that Ruger does not rate it at Plus P level. You can probably contact Ruger on the website or give'em a buzz on the phone and they will be glad to advise you. Ruger is very customer oriented.
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    Ok thanks

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