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    I was looking at purchasing the new Kimber KPD .40. Does anyone have this pistol or any experiece with it? I have not been able to find much feedback online, so I wanted to see if anyone here had some. (I own several Kimber 1911's and love Kimber-thats why the interest) Thanks

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    I have never fired a Kimber, but I have heard very little bad about them. You are already familiar with them, so you know more than I do. I will say 40sw is my favorite handgun caliber. I typically carry a 45, but that's because that's the only caliber my favorite pistol is made in. Good luck with your decision.

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    Thank you for the reply. This gun is Kimber's first polymer design or really first design outside of the 1911 for that matter. Thats why I am wondering if anyone has fired it or thoughts.

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    I also really like Kimbers X2 . I have looked for one of these in shows and stores and not seen one. A glock fan told me Kimber did not build but buy from across the pond. Still not much fanfare for a kimber thats 2 years old.

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    I've been looking for one myself, but both shops I asked at told me they aren't available for sale yet. Not sure if this is true...

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