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    Bersa Thunder 40

    Anybody think the Argentina made Bersa .40 S&W that I've got is as good a pistol as I think it is for the money?

    I love mine...shoots like a Cadillac! ( whatever a Cadillac shoots like )

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    Great looking gun....if it's half as good as the good reviews I've seen on the .380, you got a great one.
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    I have the .380, and I like it a lot, considering the cost comparison to some others.. My only complaint is that the hammer drop mechanism is stiff and not very smooth.. Otherwise a fine little piece IMO..

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    I just purchsed the Bersa Firestorm 22 (try finding one of those right now!) and ran 200 rounds thru it yesterday without a hitch. I got it for just putting holes in paper, cheaper than my 40 for that. What a sweet shooting gun. If the 40 is anything like that, well, I may have to buy one of those too. There is a site that is Bersa talk only, kind of interested there.

  6. i have a 380 and like people who own bersas.. they tend to multiply.. so i ordered a 40...
    unfortunately its on back order...
    these seem to be on back order everywhere.. and its not just because they are inexpesive(price) weapons.
    i love my 380 and it shoots excellently!

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