Taurus 1911 in 9mm
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    Taurus 1911 in 9mm

    Do you any of you have any experience with this gun? I own the 1911 in .45 and i love it. Was thinking about getting the 9 mm for my wife as she has smaller hands and loves the single stack magazines. If you love it or hate it let me know why. just want to know about the Taurus 1911 9mm unless you have a recomendation that is very similar.


  3. Although the new tarus offering appears to be a great pistol at a great price, I have gone with the Walther PPS in 9mm. Very thin but about twice the price. But the fact I considered the 709 slim is saying something as I generally do not trust the reliablity of a tarus, but 709 seems to be an exception.

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