Got a new Springfield XD - very nice pistol!
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Thread: Got a new Springfield XD - very nice pistol!

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    Thumbs up Got a new Springfield XD - very nice pistol!

    I've been thinking about buying a Springfield XD for a while; finally broke down and got one this weekend - a 45 Service model. Very nice gun - fits my hand very well (I used a .32 Beretta before - kinda small). Shoots very well left or right-handed, with very manageable recoil. Specially like the amidextrous safety & mag release.

    Only minor gripe is that the magazine spring is REALLY hard. I'm not a weakling, but getting the last two shells in the 13 round mag is hard. I was glad of the mag loader that Springfield provided! Maybe it will ease up with some use.

    Put almost 200 rounds through it so far - nice tight groups at up to 25 yards. Definitely would recommend it to anyone........

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    Bought a new XD 45 last spring and have since put around 2000 rounds or so thru it. Has never missed a beat. Comfortable and accurate; ridiculously easy to field strip. It's my 24/7 carry gun.

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    What's an XD?
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    Congrats on the new gun.
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    Congrats you will love your .45 i do,,couple of thousand rounds and no problems or complaints

  7. Nice Gun!!! Enjoy in peace and safety :-)
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    Congrats on the XD. I bought a XD 45 compact and love it.
    I like magazine springs that have "extra" tension, that way they still have plenty left after they are loaded for several months.

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    congrats. I've never shot one but they sure do look pretty cool at the gun stores.
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  10. XD's are awesome, the XDm's are very nice too.
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    I really put my .45 cal XD thru the paces during my last Front Sight course a few weeks ago: in 2 days, shot over 500 rounds, it was VERY wet, and cold, and I dropped more than one mag on the wet range (had to anyway, for simulated malfunctions). Even tho I wiped 'em off, of course, you could feel the grit in the mags, which I'm sure got into the gun (racking the slide started to feel somewhat "gritty"). Not one glitch, the gun fed every time I racked the slide and fired and ejected every time I pulled the trigger. I cleaned the weapon when I got home and it was filthy, inside and out! So...I'm very happy with this weapon and quite confident it will not let me down, if I need it.

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