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    XD-40 4", all day, every day. Love it, and although I'm a tad over 5'6", it carries well wearing jeans and a Crossbreed Super Tuck.
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  3. I am a Springfield man myself. I have the XDm .40 just like in my picture. OD/SS Shoots perfect and is my edc. I love the gun!

  4. XD Sub Comapct in 40, lot of gun for the price and size. Maybe a little snappy but I bet that the BG's know that they have been hit by a hammer.

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    the Xd40 in a sub compact has a lot of snap to it. I love my xd9sc for accuracy. I would rather carry a .22LR than a 40 imo. the 40 in a small frame with a high pressure round makes for not so accurate shooting.

    Maybe so, but my friend and his wife whom i took my cwp class with, both shoot the xd sub 40, and the instructer told HER to spread her shoots around,,she put the first five in the same hole. of course my bubby caught heck the rest of the day :)

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    XD 40 service in 4". Love the gun.

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    90% of the time a H&K P2000 LEM or P2000sk DA/SA with the P2000sk getting the most carry time. I am not completely sold on the LEM trigger. Both .40s are accurate and reliable. You can also feel the quality.

    The P2000sk has a double recoil spring which really tames the .40 and the P2000 a buffer which helps.

    Besides Jack Bauer carries a H&K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsnole View Post
    I am a Springfield man myself. I have the XDm .40 just like in my picture. OD/SS Shoots perfect and is my edc. I love the gun!
    I second the XDM40. (Just like the picture)

    My wife carries the 24/7 ProC in 40sw and the 24/7 ProC in 45acp is my PC during warmer months.

    There is a LOT of great SD ammo out there! I think you should just find what works best for you and is readily available in your area. Personally; I like FHST's in 165gr; followed by Speer Gold Dots in 180gr.

    I also use Winchester Lawman and even Magtech Gold from time to time. All of these work equally well in my gun; with "negligible" performance differences.

  9. I have the Glock 23. It seems to give the best balance of firepower, size and concealability. I use it with the Galco M7X holster. It carries the Glock snugly and a bit higher than some others.

    Galco Holsters M7X Matrix Belt Slide Holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkdkraig View Post
    I 've got a couple 45's Glock and XD. I want to get a 40 for carry and I have alot of brass for reloading. What are you carrying in 40 and what do you like about it. Thanks
    I also have 2 45s a G-21 and a Bersa pro compact, but i also have a G-27 thats a 40 subcompact, great shooting weapon, has a little more muzzle flip than the 45s but nothing bad, easly concealable, I have a crimson trace laser on it, lots of fun at night, or when the range is dark, but it also shows how bad you are with the lazer jumping around

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    ive shot almost every .40 cal i can and i currently carry a smith and wesson m&p and a subcompact xd in .40 i love the fact in the mp that i have one in the tube and 15 in the mag. more than almost every .45 except a few and ammo is cheaper. ive shot better with a .40 than a .45 and a 9mm is imo too light of a round and has a big time tend to over pen a person. before anyone says anything i know every round can over pen, but a 9mm has more track record of it from what ive been told and read.

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