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  1. Colt 357 python

    I have a Colt 357 Python that I inherited and am very proud, I want to know more about it, year, value, etc, not that it is going anywhere.
    It appears to be nickle plated, reddish wood like handles, I think they may be plastic? It is in perfect condition, it is in the original styrofoam box in the original Colt box, it has several papers with it.
    1. Colt Python instruction manual, this has a 1978 date on it.
    2. the Colt Companion booklet
    3. Colt Firearms authorised repair service stations.
    4. A NRA postcard for a complimentary issue of the American Hunter or Riflrman.
    5. A letter from C.E. Warner congralutating the buyer on his Colt purchase.

    On the label on the end of the box it states it is 4" barrel, Medallion Model, model # I3641, ser#V or U 88668.
    It is a beautiful that I am very proud to own and it is a joy to shoot, the pull is silk compared to my SW 38 and Taurus 357 revolvers.
    Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

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    not real sure, but i think that there is a colt owner forum on this site. i had one back in '74. wish i haddn't let it get away, had a 6"bbl. that was magna ported. great gun, no mater what it's valubale so do not let it get away. i am pretty sure they don't make them any more.

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    I have a blue one that I bought new in 1975 while working for the sheriff Department. I think I paid about $225 and that might have included a small discount fro being a LEO. I have sense seen them at gun shows and at Cabelas gun library for about 1000 bucks. Yours being nickel might be a little more.
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    Colt Python

    Can you post a picture of the Colt? Talk about green with envy! You have one of the nicest revolvers that Colt ever produced. You could sell that thing in a heartbeat for big bucks. Especially with the original paperwork. Check out the ones for sale on Guns America and prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise.

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    Go here.. Message Forums

    And post the same question.

    There's some real good Colt 'experts' that hang there, and are quick to help.

    Be forewarned... They're gonna want pics if at all possible....


  7. You have a wonderful piece of work from Colt. The Pythons were hand fitted as a matter of course, which helps contribute to the smoothness of the action. They always cost a pretty penny for the particular time relative to other guns, but a lot went into them. I lucked into finding one at a gun shop that was going out of business and I had no hesitation about grabbing it before it got away. Enjoy it and use it in good health.

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