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  1. which gun

    which is the best gun springfeid xd or the taurus judge or ruger p series guns Thanks Jake

  3. That's a really complicated question. What do you plan on using it for?

    If you want to shoot snakes, use the Judge. I'm not sold on .410 as a defensive handgun load, however. You only get 3 or 4 pellets of 00 buckshot per shell, and the slugs have much less energy than a decent .45 Colt. If you want to use the .45 Colt, you can get a good revolver with a much smaller cylinder than the Judge, probably for less money.

    Both the XD and the Ruger P-series are great guns. I own neither, but wouldn't hesitate to carry either of them. The XD has the edge in ammunition capacity (it's hard to argue with 13+1 in .45ACP). The Ruger is also available with an alloy frame if you don't like polymer. The Ruger is also made in America, and you can probably get it cheaper.

    Bottom line, if you want a polymer-frame, striker-fired weapon, the XD is one the best available. If you want to spend a little less and have a hammer-fired weapon with a decocker, go with the Ruger. But don't ignore the other options out there...

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    Your mileage may vary

    Personnally, I've never found the Ruger P series to fit my hands all that well. I found the full-sixe XD 45 to be a little large as well, but the mid-size XD40 fit my hands really well. I like firing it much better than the Ruger P-series semiautos that I've fired. I've never tried the Judge, but it looks like a beast to conceal.

    If you have larger hands none of this may be an issue to you.

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    I wouldnt let me shoot at me with my P 95. Its anvil tough,dependable as the sunrise. But get what suits you,then learn to shoot it.
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    I bought the XD9 Tactical last July and carried it with me hunting during deer season (not as my primary weapon). I can say nothing bad about this gun. Easy to handle, has not misfired or jammed, and the only time it has not fired when I pulled the trigger was when it was empty. I have found this to be a Great gun. Just my 2 cents worth. Keith

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    I have had a ruger P95 since about 1998. It is the most reliable pistol I have seen, although heavy and chunky for a 9mm. It is the gun I use for newbies just because it is easy shooting and never fails. It has been relegated to home duty just because it is hard to conceal.

    The XD pistols have one of the best reputations out there currently, but go for a compact or sub-compact version if you want to carry concealed. They make grip extension magazines if you find the short grip hard to control.

    The judge is a gimmic, but people are falling for it. It is a mediocre 45 colt and the .410 is a weak SD load. Maybe there will be some good .410 loads put out due to all the taurus judges people bought.
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    If you get a judge, be aware of the limitations. Alternating 000 buck and 45 colt would be the best compromise.

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    You really need to purchase and carry what you want. The XD or P95 would be a good choice. Both are tough as nails, easy to operate and reliable. The Judge, while making a fun snake buster with 410 shotshells, is a "fun" gun and somewhat useful in it's place. I have one. AND... I have seen the 410 successfully used in self defense with buckshot, however that was in a shotgun. The short barrel of the Judge, would greatly reduce the velocity and pattern performance of the 410 to about half of its' effectiveness of a full sized shotgun. Buckshot would limit the range and increase the possibilty of stray projectiles missing the target at even reasonably close range. Slugs, while effective would be a moot point. Get a good large caliber revolver instead, if you are going to use slugs or 45 Colt. Standard shot such as #4 or #6's would be poor penetrators on humanoid targets. Then factor in the reduction of performance of the 410 shot shell in a short handgun barrel, and well....... better leave the Judge in the "toy" and "Fun" category.
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  9. No to 410

    The shots on fruit may look good on TV but counting on the low energy of a few 36 cal round balls to stop a BG is not a good idea. I do not have the energy levels handy right now but the 45LC would be a much better man stopper load. Shooting snakes or such is ok but I would not bet my life on a 410 of any kind. You could carry 4 loaded LCPs or 3 LCRs for the same weight as one judge. They are all gimic not function. You will have a hard time trying to carry or conceal this gun. Go with the Sub Compact XD. Here is some interisting info showing the performance of 410 loads. If you need to load for pest like snakes the 38 shot shells works great, I am told that when they (snakes) drop into your boat that the shot will not put a hole in your boat, not sure I want to test this LOL.

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    Personally my vote would be for the XD.

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    Not that it would be practical for CC, but I wonder how much better the 6" barreled Judge would do. I guess Taurus should just come up with a 28 GA "Supreme Court Justice."
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