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I currently carry a colt .380 mustang and bought it a number of years ago because it fit my grip nicely (I am 5'2, 105 lbs and don't have large hands). Now looking to upgrade to a .40 and was wondering if anyone knew of a smaller gripped .40 semi auto. One I have picked up and liked the feel of was the Kahr, and I saw that S&W made their M&P with interchangable grips that may work. Any experience with either of those? Or any others?
Thanks for any help!
I have a Taurus 3rd generation PT140 Millennium Pro. It is fairly light (23.5 oz empty) but still heavy enough and with a well configured grip so that the recoil from the 40 cal is readily manageable even for a small person. The gun is also compact enough (although a little bigger than the Kahr) so it can be easily carried and/or concealed by a woman. It is SA/DA so, after cocking, all shots are single action (light trigger pull). It also has a manual safety. Last of all...they're fairly inexpensive and a great buy. I got mine for a little over 300 bucks!

The two-tone ones with the stainless slide are also mighty "purty".