Know any good ladies size .40 cal?
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Thread: Know any good ladies size .40 cal?

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    Know any good ladies size .40 cal?

    I currently carry a colt .380 mustang and bought it a number of years ago because it fit my grip nicely (I am 5'2, 105 lbs and don't have large hands). Now looking to upgrade to a .40 and was wondering if anyone knew of a smaller gripped .40 semi auto. One I have picked up and liked the feel of was the Kahr, and I saw that S&W made their M&P with interchangable grips that may work. Any experience with either of those? Or any others?
    Thanks for any help!
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    echo_5 Guest

    compact .40

    Before I finished reading your post, I was thinking of a Kahr cw40. It's a well made flat gun. Flat equals concealable. If considering a double-stack weapon, might I suggest a Glock 27. There are many more aftermarket accessories for it and full size Glock mags (15 rds.) are cheap and plentiful. -my $.02

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    You might look for a nice Beretta 9000S, they can be found for <$400 in many places and are great little weapons.


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    Look at the new walther and CZ

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    I'll chime in on this one and the various responses thusfar.

    Kahr .40 - I'd try firing this before you buy one because I hear their lighter weight can make recoil with this weapon a bear.

    Glock - no response

    Beretta 9000s - This is my carry weapon, and I can say that it's not for the small of hands. It's got a pretty fat grip, and my wife has a hard time holding it. She is slightly larger in stature than your description, so drawing the parallel, I'd say the 9000s is out.

    Now, my suggestion to add to the pile. The Bersa Thunder series of autos is known to be pretty reliable and a good carry piece, despite the deceptively low price. This is an inexpensive gun (rather than CHEAP). They have a little more weight, so I think their recoil is slightly less than maybe that of a Kahr. Plus, they're probably much more affordable. If price isn't much of an issue, I think you'd be VERY hard-pressed to find anyone with bad comments on a SIG. I think they have a compact .40.
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    I carry a HK P2000SK LEM in 9mm. I believe you can also get it in 40. It has two different back straps that you can change out. With the smaller one it might work for you. It is not cheap for sure but a great hand gun.
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    Thanks for all the info!

    I'll be putting these on my list for the next trip to town :) Thanks!

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    I'll chime in with the CZ PO-1.... not the SP-O1. very sweet reliable pistol
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    Price range is wide open look at the Kimber Ultra carry in 40

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    Kahr PM40 is a great weapon for anyone. Great knock down power in a little piece. Glock 27 also great gun and more accurate. The Kahr takes a little more shooting to break in to make it reliable. Stay away from night sights. What are the chances that you are going to aim if you have to shoot in the dark to defend yourself? It would most likely be point and click. crimson trace is the way to go for night time sight aquisition
    hope this helps

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