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    Hey Y'all: Hate to spoil the party but watched someone with a Bersa 380 during CCWP class have to give up on the gun because of problems. Look at latest issue of NRA's Rifleman for good review of all small 380's--you will note that all of them except for the mega$$ one, had some kind of problem initially so take my top comment with a grain of salt. the key seems to be to really "fluff and buff" your new 380 and run thru at least 100 rounds (probably more) for "conditioning" I have a Kel tec P3at--no problems whatsoever and it is the lightest and smallest and cheapest. Just sayin. I almost bought the Bersa myself, even with the above comment but opted for the lightest--cannot stand anything in my pockets or pants and the lighter and smaller the better.

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    With my Bersa 380, I had several failures when it was brand new.

    After a couple hundred rounds, that number changed to zero.


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    Zero failures out of the box on the Sig P238...
    I have read others that have had issues with the P238.. But you know what. If you look around, you will find people that have had problems with just about every gun out there. Taurus, Colt, S&W, etc. Etc..
    I think going in, you have to know that you have to go shoot some rounds through the gun to break it in, an build confidence in it's reliability..

    As you can tell, I purchased a Skyy 9mm (the company has since changed it's name to Sccy because of a lawsuit by the vodka people). It was used, and within the 1st 7000 guns produced.
    1st time I took it out, I had an issue with the recoil spring..
    I called up Sccy - they sent me two recoil springs in the mail right away and for free..
    I also had a problem with the Safety kicking on during shooting (a very common problem with the older versions).
    I called up Sccy - they sent me an upgrade kit for the safety, I replaced the safety and haven't had a problem since..
    Now if you buy a Sccy that S/N is above 30000, the safety is already fixed.
    Sccy has been great to work with, and I paid less than $300 for a 10 shot 9mm with two magazines.
    The gun has been flawless since I replaced the two parts..
    I've read too many stories about some of these high dollar guns and the companies poor customer service. Even though I have had two issues, the company has stood behind their product, and been nice about it too.

    Remember.. If it's mechanical, you will have problems with it. Some more than others, some sooner than others..

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    A lot has been said on this thread, and I have read up on the Bersa .... I can't see paying 600 bucks for a Sig in the .380 when I can get a Bersa for half that. Personally ... I held both, the sig felt better in my hand, the Bersa operates like a full size pistol (the sig does not) I can always buy different grips for the Bersa and still be no where near the price of the Sig.

    Personally I think the Germans get to much "Hero Worship" for making super-duper stuff. Granted, I may be able to run 250,000 round through the Sig with out a glich and only 25,000 through the Bersa. But hey .... I'll break in the Bersa with a few hundred rounds, then wear the dam thing on my hip and practice with my Ruger MK III 22 / 45.

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    My wife paid $450 for her Sig.. Yes, it is a bit pricey.. (BTW - it is made in NH - USA)
    But, that's what my wife picked, and she is very pleased with it.. It may be better than me telling her to get the Bersa (Or anything else), then she not like it, then sell it at a loss, then buy something else..

    I paid under $300 for my gun, and I'm happy with it. Hers was 50% more than my gun.. but she is happy.. What's that worth???

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    I have a kel tec p3at. It fits right in my pocket and there's no exposed hammer to get snagged on the way out. My brother just got a ruger lcp 380 which he says has smoother action than the p3at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by father-of-three View Post
    I have a kel tec p3at. It fits right in my pocket and there's no exposed hammer to get snagged on the way out. My brother just got a ruger lcp 380 which he says has smoother action than the p3at.
    I don't mind the exposed hammer on the Bersa as it will get stashed in a Fobus holster.

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    I have a Micro Desert Eagle in .380. It's a neat little gun. I can put it most anywhere, but mainly its strapped to my ankle as a BUG in winter. In the summer its in my pocket in a cheap nylon pocket holster so it doesn't print. It was a little pricey but being that it is so small it is almost always on me.
    I wish beretta made a smaller .380 than the Cheetah. My wife has a Cheetah and I love plinking with it, but its a bit too much for me to strap to my ankle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricbak View Post
    Thank You sir, A liitle more home work to do. Brother and I never talked 32, but I think a viable option for anything she'll need in close.
    My Sister uses a Bersa Thunder.380 and has no problem double taping, and she is small boned tiny wrist type. I use/carry the same in the CC. Both have finger groves on the f/hand frame. Her barrel is a little longer than my 3.2" barrel. I really like mine, as does my Sis, hers. She hasn't had any trouble "limp-wristing".

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    Quote Originally Posted by RugerP345 View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong (I'm sure you will)

    I thought Bersa's were cheap throw-away ghetto guns.

    Here is your correction, you are absolutely wrong. Bersa probably makes the most overlooked handgun, because of the price. They are excellent guns for the money!
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