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    hello to all. I am a new resident to Noth Carolina from Minnesota. I am interested in obtaining the CC permit for this state. I am also curious as to what i need to do to obtain a minnesota carry permit. I am fairly new to the handgun side of firearms and have not purchased one yet. any ideas on a great carry gun? let m eknow your opinions

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    First of all, welcome to this forum -- from Missouri. I am not from either Minnesota nor North Carolina so I cannot help you. But if you go to the specific forums -- North Carolina and the the Minnesota forum, you might be able to get your answers there.
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    First you gotta take a concealed handgun course, usually about $100. Go to the sheriffs office in the county where you live. Bring some $ and a gov't ID and the certificate from the class. It's all done there in the office. they'll live-scan your prints and fill out all the forms. Take about 90 days to get it approved.

    Of course, no felonies, violent misdemeanors, etc.

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