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    S&w 57

    May have a lead on a S&W model 57 is the number I beleive,anyway its a large frame 41 mag 4 " barrel. Shows a good bit of holster wear but mechanically sound as I was told by my brother. Guy is asking 400 $. Opinions?
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    I have an older Model 57 with a 6 " Barrel and a Stainless 657. I've shot a couple of deer with the 57 and put some meat on the table. A little less recoil than the 44 mag and actually a little flatter shooting at extended ranges. Ammo is hard to find in some places, but you can order it or find it in real gun shops. These are great guns. Personally, for CCW or defense, I would handload my ammo or carry the Remington 210 gr. Semi-wadcutter, which is a lighter load that the full house Soft Point and hollowpoint loads. The 210 semiwadcutter was originally the Law Enforcement Load, because the others were too hot and had too much recoil and penetration for the average cop. When Lubbock, Texas adopted the 41 mag back in the late 60's or very early 70's, they carried the model 58, which was a 4 " Barrel version with fixed sights.
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