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I've killed numerous deer with handguns. Including with Ruger Single Actions like the Super Blackhawk in 44 mag. It is a good choice for deer or wild hogs, as I have experience taking both. It's also comforting to have while hiking or hunting in Bear or Mountain Lion Country. I also used my Super Blackhawk to take a couple of rabbits last year, using light load 44 specials with round nose lead bullets (cowboy loads). Didn't tear up too much meat. It's pretty versatile if you can hit what your shooting at. My favorite 44 mag is the S&W 629, but I still can't help but enjoy the Crank and Yanks made by Ruger.
Sounds like your doing exactly what I bought mine for. What kind of optics do you like and why? I can't decide how to top this gun.

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