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Thread: Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

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    I think this looks like a great site,I am interested in getting my CCW.I have a Home in Jax Fl that I purchased in 2001,I retired in2004 after 40 yrs with the electric co in Wash.DC.Returned to work doing Safety/Quality Control with the same company in 2006.I left them to help a start up company get into SubStation construction,after 21 months and assisting in them winning a 2plus Million $ contract with my company they RIF'd me on the 13th Nov last!Funny How Things Work Out.Maybe it's time to get my old bones down to Fl.and shoot some of the stuff I have collected inthe last 5 decades!As I still have a house here in Md.I have not taken a Fl. permit to drive.I was told I needed a Fl. permit to get the CCW,can anyone comment on this?

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    A 380 is enough gun with proper shot placement, the smaller the gun the more critical shot placement is, and in a critical situation where you may have to use your weapon on a BG your generaly not going to have time to aim perfectly, a 9mm, 40, or 45, can get away with not dead on hits and still do a lot of damage, I carry a 45, ether glock 21SF, or Bersa pro compact, and a S&W 38 snubby in a ankle rig, my wife carrys a 709 Taurus 9mm and a Taurus 380 on ankle

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    I voted "no", but here's the full answer: I carry a .357 magnum about 90% of the time. I carry a LCP .380 mouse gun the rest of the time. Like to go on my porch and put out the flag in the morning while I'm still in my PJs before I strap on the hog leg. Or at the gym, a hog leg would not fit in my sweats.

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    Thumbs up

    For back up I carry a Sig P238 Equinox,it is very accurate and great in hot weather.
    Yes , the 380 will get the BG with good shot placement.................

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    It's so easy to carry my Ruger LCP. I just think how much better it is in my pocket then not having anything at all. I agree though that size matters.

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    I carry a Bersa .380 loaded with Hornady Critical Defense as my BUG.
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    I have a Kel-Tec .380 with Crimson Trace laser in a Crossbreed holster that is very easy to hide. And I use Hornady Critical Defense 90 gr FTX ammo.

    I have other larger caliber guns but they aren't as easy to hide.

    Yes a .44 spl and a .45 are more kill power but you still don't want people to know that you are armed.

  9. I'd say yes to the question easily.

    Been doing the job just fine since 1908.... A couple 9 mm shorts to COM and one the forehead.

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    No.........a 380 is definatly not enough for a primary, but if its all you got or all you can carry for whatever circumstances, then it will have to do, just be sure its at least reliable, if its a new weapon run 2 or 3 box's of ammo thru it, I would say more but I know the 380 ammo is tough to find and when you do, you would think its gold plated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    Here are a couple ballistics test on the 380.

    terminal 380 acp


    For a long list of different test look at this.

    KTOG Forum - Links to .380 Ammo Tests
    We can set in front of our monitors all day and verbally masturbate about whether or not the .380 acp is a big enough round to use in our carry guns, but RedHat's ballistic tests say it all... The .380 is (in my opinion) more than enough to get the "job" done!
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