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Thread: Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

  1. I have an XD 45 and an LCP. I carry the LCP everyday in a pocket holster because I can. I always remember the first rule in a gun fight... have a gun. I love my XD, but that is a lot of gun to carry around and keep concealed. I am saving up for either an LCR or SP101 with an ankle holster, but for now my .380 LCP works just fine, I know I wouldn't want to be shot with it :)

  3. Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

    I keep a .380 in the truck at all times it serves as a backup to my backup on my person.
    An honest mans pillow is his peace of mind.

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    I agree that a well placed shot will make the difference and it is not always possible to carry a large or even medium framed gun, so at least you will be protected.

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    Re: Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

    Probably, but I feel better with my Kahr PM9, which is only a little heavier and larger than say, an LCP.
    I load my PM9 with 9 mm 124 grain +P Remington Golden Sabers.
    Chaz Murray

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    well id take a few well placed shots with a .22 than i would with 6 shots from a .44 that miss. it just depends on wheather or not you feel comfortable with one. most guns will make a would be criminal think twice as to not having one. so long as you are armed you'll be in good hands! if it were up to me the law abiding public wouldnt require permits. but we all know that wont happen.
    "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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    If I didn't believe it was enough I wouldn't carry it. I own two (Bersa and a Sig) which I have carried at various times, including all this weekend.
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

  8. Well, if the .32 is enough... the .380 ought to be...

    article about the succesful use of a .32 against a BG

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    Well, you know what they say... better a well-placed shot from a .22 than a poorly placed shot from a .45. With that logic, yes, a .380 is enough gun. I personally prefer something with a little more "Mmfff" - like my XD40, but much better a .380 than nothing! ...or look at it this way - would YOU want to be shot with a .380? Me either...
    Don't do anything you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics...

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    I carry a .40 when it isn't practical to carry a .45. I would carry a .380 as a back up or when nothing larger was possible.

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    The .380 is enough gun if you practice and can hit your target in a critical area.Bullet placement is by far more important then the caliber of the bullet.

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