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Thread: Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

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    380 smith body guard

    I did some law enforcement qalifications at the range today.

    One officer had a smith and wesson bodyguard 380 semi auto.

    On two stages out of 4 stages of fire the bodyguard dropped its magazine.

    I do not know if it dropped because of hand movemnt when shots were fired or if the mag released due to the internal recoil .

    Would appreciate any postings regarding this problem.

    Pat Olvey
    email [email protected]
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hamilton County

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    It works for me I have SW 380 for every day

    Colt New Agent for formal events

  4. .380 the gun you have with you will save you

    I'm a firm believer that the gun you have with you is the one that can save you. If you leave your big cannon at home because it's heavy or bulky, it cannot save you in a pinch. That little .380 in your pocket that's loaded with hot hollow points can do the job. Maybe a triple tap instead of double.

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    We lost a police officer recently.. He was not wearing a vest (optional in our area due to the heat and humidity).. He was shot several times with a .380

    His family would say it's enough gun


    The shooter turned himself in.. 16 year old kid that threw his life away (as well as the officer) to prevent getting caught breaking into a car.. What a shame!!

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    The 380, especially given the advancement in bullet technology in recent years, is enough to get the job done. It would be the minimum caliber I would be comfortable carrying, but it's good to go, IMHO.

    Some of the weapons chambered for the round are more suspect than the caliber itself. If I EDC'd a 380, I'd shoot the ***** out of it at the range with any and all ammo types I could lay my hands on. If I'm carrying a 380, that little pea shooter better be 100-percent reliable.
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    The .380 is very popular with new CCW holders especially those that are just getting acquainted with firearms. Small, light weight and low recoil makes it a weapon they will carry; remembering the first rule of a gun fight is to have a gun.

    I carry a LCP on a daily basses sometimes it is primary and sometimes BUG, depending on what I am wearing and where I am going. My first choice is a .45. I would carry my S&W 500 but it makes me lean to one side. I had my doubts about a .380 until I saw a range test where it turned the cover of a refrigerator into concealment.

    The .380 is a caliber where remembering to keep pulling the trigger until the threat is neutralized is all the more important; amazing the number of people that I see practicing only a double tap and stopping.

    My advice to a new member of the CC club, when asked, is to buy the biggest gun you will carry EVERY day. Then practice with it.

    As always just my thoughts on the subject

  8. yep... most likely!!

    my .380 caliber,,with a 90 grn bullett will shoot clean holes through 3/4 inch plywood at 30 feet, thats enough self defense fire power to certainly stop a threat, the real question might be, can you shoot a .380 caliber gun good enough to stop a threat?? with pratice and good ammo a .380 is a formidable weapon to carry....
    1 ~ MAN ARMY....

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    This is like most threads, when asked a simalar question, a 380 is more than enough weapon to stop a threat, 22s have killed a lot of people, the problem is except for very few people, ex police, military, or whatever, can put two shots out of a 380 in a split second and put them where they need to be to stop a 250 lb gang banger, a 22 is worse, so with that in mind I would carry a shotgun if possable, this is why a 40 or 45 is better suited for self defence

  10. I agree with SteveB I think marksmenship is the key I'm thinking my 380 with hp's is a 9mm with a 45 punch

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    I'll reiterate what I said about a year ago on this thread (and a couple of others).....while I'd rather have my full-size .45 on me at all times, it's not always practical in terms of concealability with the clothes I'm wearing. That's where my .380 LCP comes into the picture. In terms of smaller, more concealable pistols, I'm of the school that a well-placed smaller caliber shot is better than a randomly placed larger caliber shot. The LCP is much more controllable than my sub-compact G36 .45 (which I sold a little while back). The more accurate the gun the more effective it is.
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