Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

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Thread: Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

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    Is the .380 auto enough Gun?

    The question has been posted on this site so I decided to add a voting poll to get the results.
    The question: Is the .380 auto in your opinion, enough gun. Or to keep the firearm type out of the discussion enough bullet?

    Have fun and keep 'em in the 10 ring...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    The newer ammo selections bring it almost to the level of 9mm. However, ball ammo in .380 or 9mm, or for that matter .45 is not an option if you have any other choice. IMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by XJ_MAC View Post
    The newer ammo selections bring it almost to the level of 9mm. However, ball ammo in .380 or 9mm, or for that matter .45 is not an option if you have any other choice. IMHO
    The newer bullets bring the 9mm and 45 to new levels beyond the 380 with the newer bullets!


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    Any gun

    Any gun can be enough gun. Any handgun is a compromise. A Bersa 380CC was my first CC pistol. Never felt bad about it. My dad(ex green beret '71-'72) now carries it as his 1 and only CC handgun loaded with FMJ and Golden Sabres(penetration is prime). The only problem with the 380 is the scarce ammo supply.

    Currently I carry my 45ACP PT145 stoked with 230gr Corbon +P unless clothing dictates something smaller and then I carry a little P32. I went in to buy the P3AT(380ACP) but they were sold out and ended up taking the little 32 home.

    I may feel underarmed with the little 32, but that is the compromise.

    I would only feel adequately armed with a concealed AA-12:
    YouTube - AA-12. World's deadliest shotgun!

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    I prefer AND carry a .45 as primary CC gun. Also carry a .25 in my pocket. A .380 is DEFINITELY better than no gun at all. Shot placement and tactics mean more than size. As with any self defense weapon, practice until you know you can trust it, and yourself.

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    any gun is better than no gun. at least i think. id rather have a .40, .357, or .45 but id take a .380 over nothing. thats just me.
    "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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    I, too, would carry it as a last resort. I'm much more comfortable with a larger caliber. I suppose with enough practice and training, I could get comfortable with a .380.

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    The .380 ACP has killed quite a number of people over the years. In my opinion, the .380 will git er' done

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    I have several different carry guns.
    Colt Pocket 25 with FMJs
    S&W J-frame .38 Cal. with Speer Gold Dot +P
    Kel-Tec .380 with Speer Gold Dot +P
    Star .380 that looks like miniature 1911 with Speer Gold Dot +p
    Glock Mod 27 .40 Cal with, yep you guessed it Speer Gold Dots

    Each gun has a specific carry purpose.
    The Colt for the shorts and t-shirt mode, because it fits nicely in the inner pocket located in the right front pocket and does not print because my wallet is in front of it.
    The Kel-tec because it goes nicely in the jogging suit jacket pocket. Not too heavy.
    The J-frame is nice for the ankle holster when I am in chinos and a polo.
    The Star is nice for IWB of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt
    Glock mod 27 for the SOB with two extra mags in a leather mag holster. This is nice when I am going to be out for a while and I can cover with a jacket or if i want to open carry. I have been known to keep the baby Glock in the jacket pocket too.

    The point to all of this is, choose a gun that fits the purpose and carry a round that will do the job. Shoot all of your guns often and get some training.

    And don't laugh at the pocket 25. I once investigated a case where one single well placed shot brought down a drunk bully 6'5" and over 300 pounds. Right through the throat, into the spinal column and the guy drives himself around in a wheel chair with his tongue. BTW it was a legally justified and jury proven self-defense case that took place in the late 90's in Caser, NC.

    Troy Perry
    The Contingency Group

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    Exclamation Granddad always said...

    Never take a gun to a gunfight that does not start with the number 4!

    Make mine a 45!

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