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    Quote Originally Posted by seeley booth View Post
    what about bersa
    I think I'd take a Bersa over a sigma.

    I try to always have a little money set aside just incase I run across a good deal. I also tell all my shooting and gun buddies I'm looking. You'd be amazed at some of the deals you'll run across just networking. Once you figure out what your budget is just start asking everyone, visiting the gun shops every couple days, newspaper, ect. You'll run across a good deal on a nice used pistol.

    I've picked up a Kimber Ultra CDP II used low round count mint for $600 and just the other day a friend called and had a full size HK USP .45, stainless, laser, and night sights for $600.

    Also if you are looking for a good carry pistol in the $300 range I think the Ruger LCP have finally come down in price or even the Kel Tec P3AT is a great little gun in that price range.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by seeley booth View Post
    i'm thinking on buying a s&w sigma 9MM... does anyone own one if so what's the pros and cons
    i held one it felt nice for $399 isn't a bad price
    check it out

    Are you interested to buying from me, Smith Wesson Sigma SW9VE 9mm come with two extra magazine and TTleather IWB ? Let me know.

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    i got my sigma SW9VE 9MM today
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    I've had my SW9F (the original Sigma) since it came out and have been highly pleased with it. I used it in an IPSC team match and took second place with it. I don't think you'll go wrong buying one.

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    congratulations seeley. You will not regret the purchase. Do not pay mind to those who claim to be expert shooters with anything that has a trigger, but can't hit the target with a Sigma. I am on the short side of an average shooter and have no problems with the 3 VE series firearms I own. One suggestion, if you don't like the trigger, order a lighter weight striker spring from Wolf Springs. Installation is short work for a competant gunsmith and you will have a firearm that will have a trigger pull that will be slightly heavier that the Glock instead of the 10 lb pull that is installed at the factory. If you don't wish to go the Wolf route, the heavy pull of the Sigma will become lighter as the firearm is used. No doubt, better accuracy could be attained by a $1200. Gov. 45, but most shooters will never be able to deliver the accuracy that such a firearm is capable of anyway.

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    Guess the last poster was referring to me. When that first shell casing comes back and hits you in the head you'll wish you had listened to me. The Sigma is a POS. There are so many other good handguns why bother with it? But I see you already ignored the warnings and bought it anyway. Good luck. If you don't believe I can shoot check out my qualifying target in the pics section of this site shot with a 9mm 92FS. That was timed shooting at various distances in extreme Texas summer heat with a drill sgt. for a range master making it as stressful as he could. All strings were fired starting with double-action.
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    I was not doubting your shooting ability. And I am sorry about your sigma experience.

    Sigma is one of the top selling models that S&W sells in their handgun line. There approval rating apparently is very high having very little complaints on the countless number of forums that I keep up with. I have been shooting for 45 years and a retired police firearms instructor. I have shot every type of revolver and every major brand of semi-autos. The sigma in of itself is hardly a POS. It is a decent gun with accuracy well within the range of its purpose. I found mine to be accurate, dependable, and durable.

    Again, I am sorry about your bad experience. Check the forums though and you will find people with negative experiences regarding every gun on the market, including the almighty glock and it is truly almighty with an impeccable reputation, but none the less with fault. By the way, the high end Kimbers are not without faults either. On a personal note, I carried a Beretta during my last nine years on the police force. It was a great gun, but consistant to my point, the Beretta was not a hit with everyone. Usually the Beretta complainers were Sig fans.

    Good luck with your shooting Texas.
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    if it's a bad gun.. then why do our police and military carry one
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seeley booth View Post
    if it's a bad gun.. then why do our police and military carry one

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    Quote Originally Posted by seeley booth View Post
    if it's a bad gun.. then why do our police and military carry one
    I have yet to hear of a LE agency or U.S. Military unit using a S&W Sigma. I have seen LE agencies using the S&W M&P as well as several models of S&W revolvers.

    The Sigma is a very cheaply made gun. To use an analogy, it's like comparing a "Toyota Echo" (That would be the S&W Sigma) to a "Toyota Camary" (That would be the S&W M&P). Apparently S&W took too many short cuts and cut too many corners which made the Sigma the POS that it is today. Very sad, in that with a little consideration and minor modifications, the Sigma could be an excellent piece of equipment.

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