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    S&W sigma

    I had the original Sigma in the 90s. It was not reliable. However, the newest generation Sigma has had great reviews and for the price, it is hard to resist. Even harder to resist, though, is the M&P Compact. That is a nice gun. If S&W ever have a promotion for military like they did last fall (40% off MSRP), I am getting one without a doubt. Their current promotion for $50 or two magazines is not compelling for me.

    Tell 'em CDR Glock sent ya!

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    I have one paid $329 and got a $50 rebate put about 600 rounds through it not a problem I love it for the price a gun doesn't have to be expensive to be good

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    Do yourself a favor and purchase something else. You will be replacing it sooner then later if you buy it. The trigger pull is horrible, really horrible.

    If you want a S&W then get an M&P. My family members own 3 of them, I own the 45C. We have never had one single problem, all 3 are solid performers.

    Purchase a Glock 19(9MM), 23(40S&W) or 32(357SIG). They are the correct size and all are solid performers.

    If you are going to CC don't go cheap, your life may just depend on it.

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    Yes it is not a glock...but its just like any other gun thats not a glock...

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    I have a Sigma 40ve and love it.
    I could not find a small tactical green laser for it without having to use an adaptor so i designed one.
    It is perfect for home defense or to carry,extremely intimidating and accurate.
    50 times more visible than a red laser.
    Check mine out at wolfslaserworks.com

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    A Bud at work had one, when we went to the range it took me a couple of mags to pattern good, I did not ck it but I'l bet it had a12 lb or better trigger pull, to many others out there for close to the same money,

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    Mine's been a good, dependable gun, no problems whatsoever; I just like my Ruger(s) better. Hey, differences of opinion are what make horse races.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by revolvers&w View Post
    The only thing I see wrong with your thinking is that the price is $80.00 to high
    I am in southern Indiana and The 111 Gun shop has the gun for $320 and the 50.00 rebate may still be in effect.
    Never had a problem with Sigma. It's essentially a Glock copy with a few mods. Great gun with a great price.I finally received rebate check today(11/22/10) Took 5 months. So with rebate it ended costing me around $250.00. Can't beat that. Here's what check looks like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfslaserworks View Post
    Check mine out at wolfslaserworks.com
    Your website is down.

    I think the best feature is how easily you can field strip it. I'd gladly pay another $100 for an external safety though. Amazingly it IS MA compliant.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    Sigma 9VE 9MM

    Quote Originally Posted by seeley booth View Post
    i'm thinking on buying a s&w sigma 9MM... does anyone own one if so what's the pros and cons
    i held one it felt nice for $399 isn't a bad price
    I have had one for a year now, I use it as my carry, used to be a big beretta 96 FS vertec .40 cal
    I have shot over 1,000 rounds with different types of ammo and not one failure at all, some people don't think they are reliable but I assure you this, I will trust it in an emergency completely! Lighter trigger is a bit heavy, but you get use to it, mine hoods 16+1, I carry 3 clips and no problems at all!! Nice gun for the price, I paid $250 for mine on budsgunshop.com also a great website and very reasonable prices with the advantage of having a 90 day layaway program! Awesome is all I can say. My 3rd will be here next week.

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