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    I use permanent-ink Sharpies to number (and differentiate) each of my magazines. I place a sequentially unique number on the bottom of the mag's bumper or base plate. That way if a magazine is related to a problem, I can easily identify the specific mag. I've been using Sharpies for 3 years and while the silver markings on black bumpers have faded, but they're still legible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Was that before or after they began marking the calibers on the back of the magazines?

    At night in the dark it's a little hard to read the back of the magazine and read the engraved recessed markings of caliber, make , etc. I can tell the difference between yellow (40 cal for glock 22) and orange (9mm for glock 17) with very little light though. Does that answer your question?????

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    My wife and I used those little stick on marker dots, they seem to work fine, as we go to the range sometimes with 9 differant weapons, 7 of those are autos, and the Glock mags are , a little tough to tell apart sometimes

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