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View Poll Results: Which .380 pocket rocket do you think is best?

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  • Diamondback DB380

    10 5.56%
  • IMI "Micro" Desert Eagle

    5 2.78%
  • Kahr P380

    16 8.89%
  • Kel-Tec PTA3

    30 16.67%
  • North American Arms "Guardian"

    0 0%
  • Ruger LCP

    55 30.56%
  • Sig Sauer P238

    31 17.22%
  • Smith & Wesson "Bodyguard"

    12 6.67%
  • Taurus PT738 "TCP"

    9 5.00%
  • Bersa Thunder

    23 12.78%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Pocket .380 roundup

  1. I really like that holster for the LCP who makes it?

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    Pocket .380 roundup

    I have the DB380 and bought P238 today. The Diamonback is on its way back to Cocoa for third time and will be on consignment when it gets back. Don't need any pistol I can't count on, and the DB is a POS, IMHO. I'll get to range later this week, and expect this Sig to prove reliable (as my 239 is- perfect!)

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    JMJ, thanks for the heads up on the DB, we had a Taurus TCP and a Ruger LCP, at first when we got the LCP we atributed a few problems to it being FTF and FTE at times, you could run 4 or 5 mags thru it on problem then it would jam, limp wristing was not a issue, and the trigger pull seemed a bit excessive, compared to the TCP, traded the LCP for another TCP, righ to the range without even a cleaning, 200 rds thru it as fast as we could load the mags, not one single hiccup, and I will say if someone had both pistols at the range the same day, and were going to buy one, most would chose the Taurus TCP

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    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    However, if you only have a few guns and you actually want to do some shooting with your pocket rocket, (because you don't have a big selection to choose from in your safe) then the K-T is just too small to do much shooting with.. The P238 is just a little bit bigger, but makes a big difference if you are going to do some shooting at the range with it..
    That's the truth. I've got a Ruger LCP (basically the same gun with a little better fit and finish) that I carry quite frequently. My first range visit I shot 115 rounds through it. By the time I was done my hand was literally shaking (and I'm no newbie to shooting nor do I have weak hands). My hand was sore for 3 days. IMO it is a combination of the narrowness of the backstrap and the fact that I was shooting one-handed, since that is how this gun will likely be deployed.

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    My LCP has become my primary carry pistol. I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area where shorts and t-shirts are pretty much the year-round dress code. It's much easier to have the LCP in my pocket (in a Desantis pocket holster to keep it from shifting around) than it is to carry my HK SK. I still keep the SK in my truck when I'm out and about and I'll carry it in the cooler months when I'm wearing an overshirt or a light jacket (using a Blackhawk retention holster), but for most of the year the LCP is much more convenient.

    As I've said before, it's a terrific little gun and I can hit darn near anything with it on a quick-draw out to about 30ft.

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    Pocket .380 roundup

    Rocket, glad to hear your good lick w the TCP. I THOUGHT the DB was going to wor put. First 250 rounds were great; good trigger, visible sights, low recoil. Went downhill from there. Gunsmith at range shot it too ( or tried to), confirming it wasn't just me... Live and learn...

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    Pocket .380 roundup

    Hi All,
    My wife carries the Bersa 380 and I carry a DB380 when it is not practical to carry my 1911 or Glock. I have been lucky with my DB and it works perfectly. I do know several other people who have problems with the DB's they own but I still like mine. It is compact enough to keep in my pocket without printing but large enough to get a good grip on it. I shot the LCP and it felt like it was going to flip out of my hand. I don't have this feeling with the DB. My wife hates it as she can not get a good grip on the little guy as her hand strength is not as good. She like the weight and feel of the Bersa. What is the best 380? The one can shoot well and feel confident enough to protect yourself with.

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    Not on the list and I am sure I'll be beat on a little for bring it up..L.O.L... But I have never shot any on your list in the .380 Caliber, but I do have a Hi-Point in the .380 round and it is plenty good enough for taking out and shooting up some targets.It has always be faithful. But I sure wouldn't mine having one off of the list I just don't know at this time which one I would pick..
    By the way I do own a Glock .40 and a S&W 629 .44 as well as a few other hand guns so I do have a clue to the quality differences in guns. I just picked up the Hi-Point in a trade from a nephew. Thanks for the time..
    Bagger Jim
    It's your right to protect youself..

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    Bersa .380 Thunder

    I love my Bersa 380 thunder only problem I had was cheap ammo and you have to get factory mags
    but shoots great , I have big hands so it's not as small as those other guns

  11. I was very interested in the Diamondback until I read the user manual which states +P ammo is not to be used and will void the warranty. So you can forget about using Cor-Bon's in this piece. Brings me back to my old Colt Pocketlite .380. But the size, profile, price and trigger pull of the Diamondback is very attractive and looks to be very accurate. A friend of mine carries it in the small change pocket in the front of his jeans perfectly.

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