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Thread: best gun for a woman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    Let's be clear that there are regular purses and there are gun purses, with a special compartment that securely holds the handgun (usually in a holster by gun type that is velcroed into the compartment) and keeps it from jostling around and mixing with the other purse contents. There is nothing wrong with the latter. My wife can get her handgun out fairly quickly. I agree that it would be better to have it concealed on your person but that is difficult for most women because of the curvature of their bodies and the varied clothing styles that they wear. Having one in the purse is better than having none at all.
    My problem with the "purse carry" would be purse snatching, "forgetting" the purse somewhere, leaving the purse in the car while the woman takes a quick run to the ATM, etc. If the gun is not ON YOUR PERSON, it is more likely to fall into the wrong hands. Think about how many times a woman will tell her child to go retrieve an item from mommy's purse. From what I've observed, "Junior" often looks through at least a couple of pockets before finding the item. If "Junior" wasn't aware that mommy had a gun in her purse, then she's just been "outed".

    With the wide range of carry options, there's bound to be a holster or other rig that would fit a woman's body and clothing style. I've worked with many women who have told me that it was "impossible", and have been successful in all but a few extreme cases.

    I agree that having a SD firearm in a properly outfitted purse is better than none at all, but it shouldn't be the first choice of carry. People are human, and there's bound to be a time where the woman will "forget" or let her guard down. We all know how "Mr. Murphy" works.

    "A few well placed shots with a .22LR is a lot better than a bunch of solid misses with a .44 mag!" Glock Armorer, NRA Chief RSO, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloading Rifle, Muzzleloading Shotgun, and Home Firearm Safety Training Counselor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    Agreed... on person is best, but many ladies who purse-carry have never been made aware that they can shoot through the purse......I know of two ladies that have their gun in-hand inside their purse in certain situations.....

    Situational awareness plays a huge part in self defense. A pistol in each hand is worthless if one doesn't recognize a threat that may require the deployment of the guns.
    Shoot through the purse, coat pocket, whatever it takes... Amen...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Wow, this thread is all over the place and I have to keep reading the initial post to stay focused. So, you essentially hate revolvers and want advice on a carry gun? The whole purse thing seems to be a sidebar, and the training thing’ is just another tangent to keep me on my toes. Well, I started out with a .22 rifle and moved on to an M16 in the Army. Later I opted for a 1911, and then I jumped into the ‘R’ world as a LEO. Ok, that’s simply what we carried back then. Later, I moved into the more designer style semi-autos’ and remained there for nearly three decades.

    Fast forward: Twenty-nine years later I noticed that I lost some of the zip in my step and my toes became numb, so back to the ‘R’ word I came! It’s not a downgrade by any means, but rather, it simply works better for me cognitively, physically and psychologically. Please don’t allow others to make you feel that it has anything to do with being a girl, because as it turns out, getting shot by a revolver hurts just as bad as being shot with a big sexy high-tech auto-loader.

    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
    ~ Stephen King

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    Liked your answerSaber: Wish I understood the difference between men and women on this whole subject. If you are a meek, weak girlie girl that is a different subject. I have seen pix of expert markswomen with big firearms having no problems and I have seen women at my range with big firearms doing better than me. Unless you are one of those girlie girls and somehow have to be treated differently for just about everything than a firearm choice should be about your firearm and not your sex. I consider myself an novice on firearms and the first time (age 67) I even got close to a firearm was when I decided it was something I wanted to have for house protection. After watching the guy behind the counter play around with the semi, I was convinced that the simplicity of a revolver would be my choice--it had nothing to do with sex, it was about a choice based on firearm simplicity.

  6. Moving on up...

    I am fairly new to the whole handgun thing as well and I am a petite woman. I have dated a few men in the past that have introduced me to a variety of handguns but the vast majority of my experience is with a Glock 9 mm. Yes, they are scary as it is a weapon capable of taking someone's life. However we can say that of any weapon. The point is, have you learned to responsibly handle your weapon safely and accurately? Do you feel confident using it?
    I married a gun enthusiast and when it came time for me to go from borrowing to owning I started with a revolver (a Smith and Wesson) and it's a nice revolver. I took a few classes at Frontsight. I learned how to handle any negative situation with my firearm as well as how to handle it correctly and responsibly. I have since advanced enough in my skills and am now ready to move up to something more powerful. I am looking at a Glock just because it is a powerful firearm with very little recoil as well as few malfunctions. I will be taking more classes to learn how to advance my skills and will hopefully move from the Glock to a shotgun with a an assault rifle being next on my list.
    My very long winded point here is that you should start with what you are comfortable shooting with and move up from there. And you will move up. There is a certain amount of excitement that builds as you advance in your skills. I would say that it would be like going from a tricycle, to a bicycle with training wheels, to the bicycle alone, to a ten speed and finally to a racing bike. There is a time and place for each stage as you grow and advance in your skills.
    Also, one last thought. If you really want to build your skills I would highly suggest making friends with someone who has Frontsight membership and take the two day defensive (or four day if you have time) handgun course. It is exhausting, but well worth the time. I walked away from that class feeling like I really had some solid skills to build upon (and they still do need some working).
    Good luck to you and happy shooting.

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    My wife is 5'2" with Small Hands

    And she can handle my Glock model 22 (full size .40 S&W), really likes my Browning Hi-Power, but she LOVES my 5" Colt 1911A1 in 45. About the only semi-auto of mine she doesn't like is my Ruger MkII .22LR, it constantly jams on her because she limp wrists the gun. My wife doesn't like MY revolvers because all of mine have 6-8 inch barrels which she finds too long. I believe if I had a 3-4 inch barrel there would be no problem.
    Two important qualities of revolvers that you may want to consider are 1) You can use lighter loads in them if recoil is a problem for you, something that can't easily be done in a semi-auto. 2) You can get aftermarket grips, there is something available for almost every shape and size of hand. You can "customize" the revolver to fit you.
    Keep an open mind, try as many different models and calibers as you can and you will find what is right for you. Don't forget to relax and enjoy the journey while you embark on your search.

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    Smile Try, Try, Try like buying shoes

    Try as many as possible. I started out with a Taurus 709 slim, really liked it. Graduated to a 3" kimber Ultra CarryII. Love the 1911. I now shoot a Kimber Super Carry 45 4" and my accuracy has improved tremendously. This weekend purchased the new Kimber Solo for lighter carry. Wow! it is a 9 but shoots like a 45 and is super small. Fits in little pockets of skinny jeans(not a regular carry spot). My better half never makes a reccomendastion to me just lets me go with the flow. By the way this all started with a Bushmaster AR15.
    Just like shoes.. you need to try them on.... need different for different occassions..... and you CANNOT have too many.
    Granny with a guns.

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    I agree with what someone else posted about the S&W M&P 9. I carried a compact though. I went to every gun store and tried out several different guns and kept coming back to the M&P. I am a small woman and it has three different grips you can swith out. I shoot for my CCW class and fell in love. You have to go with what feels right to you. If you don't like a revolver don't get one. I personally don't like revolvers. I have shot several and just don't care for them. Its all personal perference.

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    Cherish, get the gun you feel comfortable with. Being a firearms instructor, I get women who come to my classes with a revolver because that is what everyone told them they had to have. By the end of class they are ready to trade in their revolver for a semi-auto due to the sharp recoil and poor sights. My wife shoots a Glock 19 and loves it.

    The question to ask yourself is what is your intention for the gun. Are you going to carry it? Do you plan on practicing with it? I am also a LE instructor and the ladies at work do the exact same things with their weapons that the guys do. Women can work slides, clear malfunctions and everything else that is associated with a semi-auto.

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