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Thread: I have a child. How do you recommend I store my guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    You take your shootin iron in the bathroom while your in the shower?
    I don't have any kids in my home but as a matter of fact I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    You take your shootin iron in the bathroom while your in the shower?
    Doesn't everyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    Doesn't everyone?

    omg now thats funny!

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    I keep 2 pistols in a Gunvault under my nightstand.I open when i go to bed and close it when I get up.

    I keep my other pistol and a rem 870 in a locked Stack On Gun cabonet along with my ammo.

    works for me. I have a 2 year old running around. The Gunvault and Stack On cabinet are locked at all times when she is awake.

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    Teach children what makes a gun dangerous. Take them shooting on occasion. Make sure they know how to safely handle a firearm.

    No matter how careful you are, there WILL come a time when you err and the child has access to the gun. You'll forget to lock the safe....you'll get distracted and leave the gun on the kitchen counter....etc., etc. There are an infinite number of scenarios that could happen and it's only a matter of time when one of them rears its ugly head. When that happens it would be far better to have a child who is familiar with the weapon instead of being completely ignorant of it's true capabilities. And who's to say what happens when your child is at a friend's house. Do your child's playmate's parents have guns in the house?? Are they as careful and dilligent as they should be?? What happens if your child comes accross a gun at somebody else's house?

    Train your kids. I had access to firearms from a very early age and of all the boneheaded things I did as a kid and as a teenager, not one of them involved a firearm. Credit my parents instruction for that.

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    +1 on Glockster's recommendation for a GunVault safe. For several years, I've been using a GunVault mini-deluxe fingertip combination safe. I can access my home defense gun in less than 5 seconds...if my wife wakes me in time for the party. This safe is large enough for my 5" 1911 with a Streamlight TLR-2 (light and laser) mounted on the gun's rail...and 3 loaded mags. The gun is always in condition one.

    This model of GunVault also provides a motion detector which, if enabled, will emit a high-pitch tone if the safe is moved. Also included is an AC converter so you're not totally reliant on the safe's batteries. But I faithfully change out the 8 AA batteries every 6 months. Some folks have said the batteries will last for over a year even with daily access to the safe. I prefer to err on the safe side.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by RixGotSkills View Post
    Teach your children. Then, teach your children. After you're done teaching them, teach them some more. My dad taught me when I was little. My daughter (7yrs) knows the drill. We learn on a daily basis, as I carry daily. If you're not carrying on your person, lock em away. Make them learn and recite the firearm safety rules. Take them with you when you practice, and set the standard.

    My dad was USMC. He showed me the drill. But, he also told me if I was ever caught handling a weapon w/o him he'd rip my arms off and beat me with them. Yes, I tested him. Much to my dismay. He's in his 60s now and I still wouldn't mess with him, even if he were unconscious.

    Excellent advice!!!!!!!!!!!! Teach them. We had a traggic accidental shooting just this week i am sure these boys were not thought anything about firearms safety. Also had one a couple of weeks ago a boy was shoot with a BB Gun and died. Very sad. So teach them everything you can and make they know the rules and how dangerous they can be when mishandled, and when they are not on your person or in your possession make sure they are locked away!


  9. Vic, you make a very good point about BB and pellet guns.
    I was taught by my parents to treat them as real guns, even though we had no real guns. I was told that I would suffer the consequences if I ever misused my BB guns. I cannot tell you how dismayed I was to see some neighbor kid shoot his brother with his. It penetrated his shirt and skin and lodged in his brother's back. Man, what a jerk. I don't remember what his punishment was, but I hope it was at least forfeiture of his BB gun and a butt whoopin'.

    "Toy" guns can build bad habits if they aren't treated with the respect they deserve.

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    Education. And a Gunvault - ready to use in a few seconds, and secure enough to keep out of the hands of MOST children. Not a safe, but a good compromise of safety and availability. My ready gun is right beside the bed with a spare magazine. Everything else is in the safe.

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    Thanks for the comments. I will educate my daughter on gun safety. I will also introduce her to the joys of shooting while treating the weapons with respect.

    I bought an equivalent to the gun vault. It uses an electronic combination and holds 2 guns. My concern is that it does not have the ability to put the trigger locks on the pistols. Should I be concerned about that? I have 2 357s in the gun safe with bullets in a speedloader. I still feel uneasy about having them loaded, until I educate my daughter and notify my wife that guns are in a drawer.

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