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    kel tek

    i heard from two good friends who own gun shops... they said kel tek
    is a good handgun for CCW, people on gunbroker forum said no
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    Just like any gun, if you like it, and you can shoot it well, and you will actually carry it, then it's a good gun. My CHL instructor has one and swears by it, but says that while his wife has one, she shoots it, but hates the recoil. I shot it, it's snappy but not unmanageable.

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    I had a P3-AT. I liked it but the cost of 380 ammo was a bit too much for me. The cost for 380 ammo is coming down so I many pick another one up. It's a great summer carry. You hardly feel it. Recoil is snappy. Not a gun you want to shoot more than 50 rounds at a time. The sights are poor but there are laser options for the Kel-Tec and the Ruger LCP which is pretty much a clone. Mine functioned perfectly. Trigger was a long pull but you got used to it. I really miss it. IMO it is a great gun.
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    I have a P-3AT with a Crimson Trace laser and I carry it in a Crossbreed Mini Tuck holster. Loaded with Hornady Critical Defense 90gr FTX.
    When I carry it under just a t-shirt nobody knows it.
    At first I asked people that know I carry to check to see if they could see it and nobody could. Now I don't worry about it and sometimes forget that its even there.
    The P-3AT hasn't had any problems, the CT laser keeps it on target, the Crossbreed is great.
    I have other carries but for a t-shirt day this works.

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    I have 2 P3AT's and a P11.
    One of the P3AT's is in my pocket all the time--usually not as primary carry but as a back up.
    I haven't carried the P11 in awhile just because I've been carrying something else.
    All of them shoot just fine and are great for what they are--a self defense gun.
    Not good range guns and not really fun to shoot and I think that KT had to work extra hard to make a trigger that bad on the P11 but...
    I like them for what they are designed to do--small and easily concealed and they work

  7. My son and i both have one and both work very well not a target gun but a nice backup. I do not thank you could go wrong with one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedan1911 View Post

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    OMG - dude, you just made me a HAPPY MAN with this app! IT ROCKS! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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    KEL-TEC makes wonderful products. Can't wait for the new PMR30 to come out. Should be a great target, varmint gun! I am also considering carrying it for CC as it is a 22 WMR with a 30 round capacity.

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    I've had Kel-Tec's for a long time. Let's see...I have two P11's, a P40, A P11 with a 357 sig conversion, a PF9, a P32, a P3AT and a Sub 2000 9mm with Beretta mags. I have a PMR30 on order waiting on their release. I'm also looking for a RFB but haven't been able to find one. For the money, customer service and lifetime warranty you can't beat a Kel-Tec!
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    i had a p3at and sold it to a friend..i dont know why i did that cuz i miss it..put many rounds thru it with no problems at all..just kinda uncomfortable to fire cuz its so small..keltec is worth the $ and would buy another

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