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    New engraved LCP

    I was wanting to get a pocket gun to carry during the summer while wearing shorts. I went to my favorite shop this morning to check out what they had. I was really wanting a 9mm and was even thinking about a 9mm derringer. After talking to a couple of the sales guys and looking and handling several I decided to get the Ruger LCP. I really liked the look of the bi-tone with the stainless slide but when they showed me the engraved slide model and told me it was on sale, I just couldn't justify paying $50 more for the stainless slide.

    Not only did I pick up the little Ruger they also had primers (Federal and CCI) for $30 a brick and I was told they had bought 500,000 primers and they would be that price while they lasted. I picked up some small pistol and small rifle. I'll probably stop by next payday and pickup a couple more bricks.

  3. Nice!

    That looks sharp! I have not seen an engraved, or stainless slide on the LCP.
    I have a standard LCP for the exact reason you just picked this up. Works great in a pocket holster in shorts. No one will know you have it, and you'll forget it's even there unless you need it.

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    very sharp looking lcp. check out great place

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    For what it is, its very nice looking. I almost purchased something similar but held off. Granted, for us gun folks there isn’t anything quite like a nicely engraved handgun.
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    Took to LCP to the range today. Fed it 2 different types of HP's, some RN FMJ and some WWB FN FMJ and it eat all without missing a beat.

    First 5 shots from 7 yds

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